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"The ultimate punk rock ’n’ roll anthology - designed as an antidote for the current crop of pre-processed music clogging up chartdom!"

-- Kerrang!

Arranged here are various A Fistful of Rock & Roll songs that you can listen to in RealAudio or MP3.  RealAudio has less sound quality than MP3 but is faster to download.

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A Fistful of Rock & Roll!
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"Join the new rock revolution! All over the world, real rock and roll is coming out with a vengeance! Hundreds of new bands, packed clubs, tons of press, screaming fanatics is all happening NOW! Hear why Kerrang! says the Fistful of RnR series is "The ultimate punk rock and roll anthology, designed as an antidote for the current crop of pre-processed music clogging up chartdom!" This is real rock and roll. That kind of music that juvenile delinquents are spawned from, rumbles are fought over and to, hot rods are gassed up to and cool people have sex to...!"
 - - High Beam Music

"A Fistful of Rock n' Roll provides you with everything you need. It provides you with the greatest underground rock, a reason to live, and the coolest fucking artwork out there. All in all, "A Fistful of Rock n' Roll" is an excellent idea. This set just spells FUN... with capital letters!."
- - In Depth Zine. USA

"Rock N Roll aint noise pollution, so they say,
Like it says in the inner notes by Bryan Swirsky " Looking at the official record, today's red blooded Blink 182 loving teenagers could easily be forgiven for believing that punk's tombstone was carved in 1980, but nothing could be further than the truth".
This is what should be being called punk rock, these bands aren't commercial, these bands are hardly known but they still go out there and rock the place. Before listening I looked at the list of bands and had never heard of half of them, listen to the cd and you wanna hear more. This ones for the Sunday arvo in the beer garden playing pool with your mates and a slab by your side. Put aside your latest Blink and Limp Bizkit cds, grab this one and realise what punk rock really is.
- Skaman, Australia

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