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There are thirteen volumes in the "A Fistful of Rock & Roll" compilation series, here are a sample of the reviews that have been written:

"The series gives you the best underground punk rock, street rock, and just plain rock n' roll, the best underground artwork, and the best time your ears have had in a while. A compilation like this gives you a renewed faith in the underground scene and gives a hearty 'Fuck You!' to the trendy bullshit smothering the airwaves."
---- In Depth

"For anyone who loves the short, sharp, shock provided by the Ramones/Motorhead/AC/DC reality crack jerked up and back through anykinda rock and roll language you can jam it into here you go."   
----   Lollipop

"These CDs are pure rock in it's truest form. Not polished to the bone by big money, and no-holds-barred. "  ----  The Zipp

"The ultimate punk rock n roll anthology-designed as the antidote for the current crop of pre-processed music clogging up chartdom."    
----   Kerrrang!

"A Fistful of Rock N' Roll is destined to be a vital source of current indie rock that kicks your ass."    
----   Raleigh Music

Storm Bringer Webzine

Volumes 1 and 2 - Tee Pee Records
I'll tell you what; I'll take a fistful of rock and roll over a bellyful of emptiness anyday! Don't quite know where that came from but since I started it may as well see where we can take it!  Well. okay, a bellyful of emptiness is about what it feels like having to be subjected to all this so-called "alternative" crap-mainstream top 40 in disguise, right? So yes, dammit I'm hungry for something more. something real! The world's ready for real rock and roll-let's tear it up! Cheers to Mr. Canzonieri-first of all for being in one of the cooler bands around in Electric Frankenstein and secondly for assembling these two stellar compilations!  But next time Sal, let's go a little easier on the literature, I mean my eyes are still bulging here from all this reading!  But point well taken, right on the money!  What we get here is not only a fistful of rock and roll but also a faceful of screaming punk graciously provided by some of today's brightest bands still trying to make their way through the underground! Volume One raises an immediate fist in the air with the Gaza Strippers doing "Missile Command," and though I've already forgotten what it sounds like, it definitely rocked!  It's probably not a good idea to attempt a song by song analysis here-there's just too much material and I'm not quite as dexterous as I used to be!
One of Victory Records' biggest achievements and smartest moves was coming up with this razor edged Misfits' type crew called Electric Frankenstein and one of the definite highlights here is "Speed Girl," which possesses all the funk and groove you'll ever need in this lifetime-real rock and roll captured in only one song! But we got another thirteen left and you'll wanna grab a hold of the Candy Snatchers, RC5's "She Destroyer," who does so quickly and efficiently in just under a minute! Action Swingers, El Diablo, Zeke, some you've heard before, some you won't have but all definitely among a new crop of vindictive talents with a fire in their belly ready to launch a new verbal tirade to the too sensitive ears of corporate knee-benders.

Volume II. Oh fuck, they did it again! One thing I'll say about the insightful commentary and descriptive history provided in each volume here, there ain't nothin' left to be said! This time compliments go out to Mr. John Mark King of the band Rocker City Riot who actually appear on the first volume with "On the Strip."  Supersuckers lead the charge here and after a loud dose of "Junk," you'll wanna make haste in clearing up all that unnecessary collection of dust-covered clutter on your shelves! And replace 'em, fast. Snake Charmers, doing "Queen Fuck," are one of the better bands I've honestly never heard of. We can say that for the next one Haunted Head-great name-and look out now, they're "Screaming at You!" This is hard-core street flavored punk stress in its purest degree! The cool thing about each of these compilations is that neither cater specifically to a punk audience-there are so many various influences running reckless within each track, and each band captures the true nature of what rock music once was and will be again. We're getting a new rock invasion here by way of returning to its glorious roots and delving into each decade past and bringing all those unique aspects onto the surface of the future! Check out the Silver Tongued Devils, Dead Man's Choir, Fearless Leader and Streetwalkin Cheetahs-doing their "Motor City Rock & Roll" thing-and can we guess where their primary influence might lie?  But I'll tell ya what, they're on fire here-talk about a "live" sound in the studio, shit! A Fistful of Rock & Roll features about as good a roster of talent as you'll ever find assembled. Tattoo quality artwork graces the covers and each group's background and contact info is provided and trust me-you'll wanna hear more! And stay tuned for a big screen version of A Fistful of Rock & Roll sometime in the near future. The famine that's been plaguing unsatisfied listeners all this time's about to come to an end, and I say, let the feast begin!

Ball Buster Hard Music

Volumes 3 and 4 - Tee Pee Records
As if volumes 1 & 2 weren't enough to convince you I trust numbers 3 & 4 will do the job quite effectively! So come on and get with it, you know there ain't no satisfaction to be found on today's substandard radio dial… so here's your chance to show your grit and hop on the rock and roll express-destination? To the far left of the fifties and sixties, making a quick stop in the seventies and eighties, and finally ending up in the here and now… yes, your complete trip full circle from what rock once was and what shall always be, rebellious, outspoken and cranky! Or like those fabulous Dead Boys once gave us, "Young Loud & Snotty!" True rock and roll should be all of those things and on these latest two volumes, while new acts virtually pay homage to the leaders of yesterday's revolution, it all hangs loose again-remember the time when groups like The Stooges and The Ramones weren't exactly what you'd call household words… well neither are Toilet Boys-well maybe "toilet" but Valentine Killers, Stunt Men and Stitches? No… not quite, but give 'em all half a chance and let's see what we got in a few years! The Toilet Boys start off Volume 3 and the NYC freakshow gets things started about as you might expect… a trace off center, brandishing a little flash and knack for the heavy groove that's little by little bringing itself off the mat again! Whatever happened to the catchiness that defined so much of the past? Even going back to the fifties on this-and take a gander at the liner notes from each recording and get a little taste in the rich history we're uncovering here-It's like everyone decided at once that if anyone's got a sense for grooving or rhythmic tendencies, something's wrong. It ain't good enough unless you're wailing away on yourself or someone else! These collections feature the finest breed of American and Canadian born talent that you've never heard of… yes we're talking firmly embedded beneath the underground here but we're gonna do our part to change things right? Enough is enough of people asking whatever happened to this, or why aren't they doing… The "Fistful of Rock & Roll" series features all bands-that's right all of 'em-playing catchy pop-infused, heavy rock and punk with not even the slightest trace of fear or regret! Most of these groups that elbowed their way on these two latest collections are still relatively green and that is what is perhaps their most endearing quality… no, they've yet to be corrupted by the latest fashion craze-they don't fit in period-and this can safely be said even without seeing what they dress like! There are those few that have either developed out of the ashes of other prominent acts-like ADZ, made up of ex-members of The Adolescents and 45 Grave, or just finally arrived as an up and coming new group as have Murder City Devils who can be found currently residing on the Sub Pop label! If it's musical quality you're after, support your local-I know it's cliché, but screw it, Gunfighters-well shit, it's basically what they're doing right… we're all in a fight to preserve the history of rock and roll and I can't think of a better way than these amazing new collections!

In Music We Trust

Volume Three - Tee Pee Records
Volume three of thirteen in what is turning out to be one of the most top-flight compilation series ever! These are bands that have come crawling out of garages around North America and have not forgotten the lessons taught by bands like THE STOOGES, THE AMBOY DUKES, and THE SEX PISTOLS. Although volume three doesn't quite hold its own against the first two, it is excellent nonetheless. Some of the finest bands who check in this time are STUNT MEN, STITCHES, NEW AMERICAN MOB, LIBERTINE, SINISTERS (best track on the CD... dig that Nugent worship!) and the legendary JEFF DAHL. Although that isn't to say there is anything shabby about the contributions from TOILET BOYS, VALENTINE KILLERS, ROCKET ASS, JOHNNY BLACK & ASSASSINS, THE BULLYS, HOOKERS and LAZY COWGIRLS. Less impressive are ADZ (who have no right being sub-par considering they are the reincarnation of the ADOLESCENTS) and FUMES. The cover art for this volume is a guitar slinging rotting corpse courtesy of splatter punk doodler Jeff Gaither.

Volume Four - Tee Pee Records
Tee Pee Records is wasting no time in getting this eventual 13 volume series up to full speed. Consisting of entirely bands who can be described as neo-punk rawk and rollers, "A Fistful Of Rock N' Roll" volumes 1 -13 are going to be one of those collections you will kick yourself for not rounding up. This volume is the first in the batch that consists almost entirely of bands that I have never heard before, although that doesn't mean a thing when it comes to their quality. For my money the bands on this edition seem to be, on the whole, a bit more noisy than those on volumes 1-3. Especially mind blowing are BLACK HALOS, PULPIT RED, AMERICAN HEARTBREAK (who apparently have ex members of bands like JET BOY, EXODUS and BAY CITY ROLLERS!?!?), GRAVEYARD SCHOOL (Johnny Thunder lives!), LOVEMASTERS (reminds me of HANOI ROCKS), SPITFIRES, DGENERATION, and TRICKY WOO (raw and sleazy to the nth degree). Also impressive are QUADRAJETS (noisy and raw), MURDER CITY DEVILS, HIGH SCHOOL SWEETHEARTS (a bit of bubble gum here), PULPIT RED, THE REDS, and VON ZIPPERS. Less impressive are THREE YEARS DOWN and STILLETO BOYS. The cover art for this volume is from the devilish Dirty Donny.

AMZ Music Zine

Volumes 5 & 6 - Tee Pee Records
The latest installment of the "Fistful…" series sees the resurging rock and roll tradition continuing to gain ground toward yesterday's faded glory. With faded blues and a mean glare, the latest voices of the underground continue their trek down the highway to hell. First developed a couple years back to stamp the voice of true rock firmly into the deaf ears of a spoiled generation unlucky enough to know what they were missing, the series has grown stronger in time as more and more local and established bands take aim at an audience that's slowly begun to listen and appreciate all that rock music was and will be again. Nothing fancy, these collections indeed feature some of the best in unsigned talent, unearthed, seemingly from the grand ole Stooges era with a grinding style of uncompromising rants, raves and sewer-ready rhythms designed to disrupt the ordinaries of mainstream as quickly as they'll pollute the airwaves.

Each collection features 18 tracks embedded by some of today's best and still little-known talents merged together for the sole purpose of putting the music back on the map. For those among the uninitiated, the music's a throwback to the golden eras of rock, of which there were many, but the many combined elements that make up the material offered by each individual band and artist put their own stamps on the pages of history that began way back in the fifties and continued to reinvent itself into the staunch movement it was to become during the late seventies and early eighties before being left for dead in the name of genre-specific "progress."

It's nearly impossible to distinguish either of these two collections from the other for they're both high in quality and intensity while retaining that old- school charm that still causes a stir at the local PTA gatherings some twenty years forward.

"Volume 5" features the likes of The Dwarves who open things up -- not so gently, I might add -- when they beckon the question "Is There Anybody Out There?" Residing on the Epitaph label of late, theirs was one of the more critical releases of last year, widely hailed as a "must have" for any true Punk fan. Others like The Go, Upper Crust, and Zen Guerilla have had their own flings with indie success while still remaining as crucial as ever in the context of the continuum.

Numeric order means little on either volume here with little evidence of a weak link in this fraternal chain that remains as solid as ever before.

"Volume 6" features the likes of Gluecifer, Sonny Vincent, Turbonegro and Nitwitz, along with several other rash and rowdy upstarts seeking to supplant commercialism and excess by its very roots. Both feature the usual R-rated cartoon-like cover art with plenty of inside information on the contributing bands and their respective contact ammo… I mean info. The brain child of fast-ascending king of the underground Sal Canzonieri, the latest series, having reached what must have been thought an improbable six up to this point could easily hit 100 before the smoke clears -- and the wonderful thing is it'll never get old… the next installment is already underway!

Rock Zone

Volume 7 - Victory Records
For those of you who don't what A Fistful Of Rock n' Roll is all about, you are missing out on an ongoing series of albums that are ready to kick some ass.
This series of albums is the brainchild of Electric Frankenstein guitarist, Sal Canzonieri. Sal being a legendary rocker in his own right decided it was time for people to stop listening to the watered down pop that passes itself off as rock today, and find the real deal.
This album features some of the best rock n' roll bands you've never heard of, and a lot of ones you will recognize. A series of this magnitude deserves the attention of all rock fans around the world.
Speaking of around the world, a lot of these bands are from outside the US, showing that everyone is starved for some real, honest rock.
The album begins with The Donnas doing "I Didn't Like You Anyway." This song helps cement this band as a great up and coming rock band. They have found an arena in the punk community, but in the end, this band is pure rock.
Another area of this CD that is refreshing is that there are quite a few quality female led acts. The Donnas, Launderettes, Loudmouths, and others. These women lay down the rock as hard as any band on the CD.
The mood of this CD is hard to describe, but trust me, you'll want to let the hair down, jump around, and prepare to hear some great rock. The world has been waiting for something like this for too long. Thanks to Sal this series is a winner, and this volume goes to follow.

Bully Mag

Volume 7 - Victory Records
This is the seventh installment of series compiled by Electric Frankenstein's Sal Canzonieri. Including this album, Canzonieri has featured a total of 115 bands over seven albums, not a bad feat by any means considering we live in a day when most people bitch about not being able to find good rock bands to listen to.
Canzonieri is doing his best champion new music and the scene he is proud to be a member of. Most of all, what makes the series work is that it doesn't center around bands that either are all from the same area or same style (in fact 9 out of the 19 bands on Volume 7 are from outside the US). Puffball, The Donnas, Alabama Thunder Pussy and Puny Human are as divergent as it gets.
Some of the real standouts on Volume 7 include:

  • The Launderettes who are a saucy, surf punk band from Norway, with a very 60s influence on "I Wanna Jump Your Bones."
  • New York City's Puny Human who play an ultra-thick stoner punk almost like Clutch if they were from Brooklyn
  • Adam West which is a more groove-orientated version of the Misfits
  • Two bands that get points for having a super live sound, Cherry Valence ("99") and Loudmouths ("Fast Service"). Both bands sound about as live as a band can get on tape
  • Panadolls' "Pattersons Curse" rolls at the fast tempo the Aussies seem to love so much, while still retaining a thick fuzz to it and rockabilly(?!) solos
  • Retardos' "Burn In the Fire" and Hellions' "Do What You Want" is almost old school Motorhead style speed metal
  • Alabama Thunder Pussy, who show why they are building up such a solid fan base. "Mosquito" is pure heavy shit with real thick guitars and Tad Doyle sounding vocals that just pulverize the shit out of the listener.
Overall, an excellent compilation of punk n' roll bands that most people have never heard of but should. Add to this some excellent liner notes on the history of punk and rock n' roll that sums up nicely how all these bands fit together via their influences.


Volume 7 - Victory Records
"Punk Rock made everything around it irrelevant," Electric Frankenstein lead Sal Canzonieri, who has put together all seven A Fistful of Rock 'N' Roll compilations, writes in the liner notes. "Punk won the war," he concludes. Of course it did — the lawless can't be defeated. What we have is a genre that flourished off the very notion of independence, anti-establishment, DIY, etc. What we have is a genre that, despite its current exploitation (think Blink 182 and their many copycats), will not only win, but live on — even if only to create an alternative to the law-abiding suckers upstairs. Need evidence? Then grab yourself A Fistful of Rock 'N' Roll, because it'll convince any listener that punk rock is not only alive and kicking, but kicking some serious ass. (It will also convince you that the word punk should rightfully be inserted into the title). The Donnas, the Bay Area's all-girl heavy-metal-slash-punk-rock four-piece, lead off the record with "I Didn't Like You Anyway," a guitar-driven, Kiss-influenced track ridiculing a B-O-R-I-N-G boy. Swedish speed-rockers Puffball contribute the high-energy, indiscernible "Matt Walker," while Adam West's "Have Your Way With Me" slows down (relative to punk rock that is) with Motörhead's Lemmy-style singing and metal's evil riffs. With a MC5 influence and some hardcore, dissonant shrieking, Cherry Valence's "99" is very raw and very mean. San Francisco garage-rockers The Blackouts add a more melodic edge with "California." Norway's Retardos contribute racing guitar lines and powerful echoing vocals on their "Born in the Fire," while Les Vipers offer a Cramps angle with surf guitar and haunting vocals. Punk rock displaced the rules set by the mainstream music business (upstairs) and paved the way for young hopefuls to come. Punk invented a new, more viable underground. And all the proof lies right here with A Fistful of (Punk) Rock 'N' Roll.


Volume 9 - Devil Doll Records
The Fistfull Of... series has already reached its 9th edition (and number 10 is on the way). The people at Devil Doll Records have gone out of their way to compile another excellent compilation with the dirtiest, sleaziest rock ‘n roll, punk and glamrock this side of the galaxy.

You can find a whopping 25 bands on this disc, many of which have contributed unreleased tracks or demo/alternate versions from known songs. Bands like the Peepshows, Hellacopters (adding a remastered track) and the mighty New Bomb Turks (a demo version from “End Of The Credibility Race”) are probably the best known to you all, but there’s so much more here: the Lambs (from Finland) with their Misfits inspired rock, the hardrocking sounds of Bisapiens, the Stooges influenced rock from The Gargoyles and the female fronted Drag Triplets are just the tip of this iceberg.
Good stuff.
All this comes with a nice booklet, including some info on the bands (plus contact addresses) and the second installment of the history of rock ‘n roll (the first part was printed in the booklet of volume 8). The international aspect is cool and the music just plain rocks. If you’re into the aforementioned genres, then this is money well spent.


Volume 9 - Devil Doll Records
The 9th installment of this entirely necessary cock rawk series bursts out of the gate with a brazen KISS-cop from the Hellacopters, "Move Right Out of Here". Smart move, probably pays the bills, and frees the rest of the comp for lesser known quantities of high octane rockage. Like the Bisapiens, for example, who also rip-off KISS, and Skid Row as well, only at three times the speed; or the boss Motorhead inspired desperation boogie of "Whiskey and Leather" by Seattle rough-necks The Beserkers, which is surely the 'hit' of this volume; or the Finnish biker rock of Brut Boogaloo; or the always incendiary sleaze n' roll pelting of sinful Swedes Noise of Reality. Oh, and there's plenty more where that came from- ripping riffs and flying snot from The Knockouts, Hot Rod Lunatics, Jackalopes, Peepshows...25 tracks in all, including Throttlefinger's classic blues n' bruise AC/DC'd cruncher, "On Parole", and an outrageous dirtbag anthem from local boys The Unband, who tell it like it is with "We Like to Drink and Rock n' Roll". Not every band on display here is ready for the 'big-time'- whatever that is- but that's the beauty of the "Fistful" series. It's like a rock and roll boot camp with liquor.

Weekly Dig

Volume 10 - Devil Doll Records
It's like Eddie Spaghetti says, "A little is good, but more is great, alright!" After the 10th or 11th beer, you really can't tell the difference between some fine pilsner and panther piss, you just know you like it and want more, right? Same idea here. Throw 25 bands together with no aspiration other than rocking at any cost, and you'd be a fuckin' fool not to just give in and let it ride. Really, there's not a whole lotta difference, subtle or otherwise, between the space-boss narco-metal of Chicago's 500 Ft. of Pipe or the feedback snarl and punked-out desert rock groove of Sweden's Sideburners, or the early ‘80s LA sleaze glam of Paul Diamond Blow and the Ace Diamond Bimbos, or the chick-fueled shitkicker speed metal of SF's Hotbox, or the creepy 77 pogo punk of Portland's own Big Meat Hammer, or the psychotic Japanese garage trash of Muddy Frankenstein, or the mouthy stoner rock of Swedes Mothercake, or the neo-thrash rubber-leg punk of Texan badasses the Bulemics, or the frenzied German motor rock of the Speedfreaks, but goddamnit, it all sounds perfect here even when it's not, and the overall effect is like some Holy Fucking Rock and Roll radio station programmed by God or Sleazegrinder or somebody righteous like that.

Ink Nineteen

Volume 9 - Devil Doll Records
Just to prove that this garage explosion isn't just a conspiracy of Yanks and Swedes, Devil Doll Records delivers "A Fistful of Rock n Roll (Volume 9)" to map out the international dimensions of this phenomenon. Sometimes it's hard to make a distinction between garage, punk and primal metal. Devil Doll doesn't make the distinction with this compilation and I don't think it's worth my time to try. Suffice it to say that all of the bands on this disc play primal, in your face rock. The band come from all over the map. The disc opens with the Hellacopters laying down a greasy garage beat. The Lambs follow with a slab of hyperactive grindcore. Both of these band are from Finland. New York's Bisapiens sound like Queen impersonating the Ramones. How's that for a scary image? Elsewhere, we find more Swedes, more Finns, more Yanks along with some French and British bands cranking it out. Not every track is great, but taken as a whole this disc is good for getting you pumped up for some sort of cardio workout. What sort of workout is up to you!

Will garage be the next big thing? I won't venture a guess. I can tell you that these particular records will get your heart pumping and your ass shaking. So much the better if it's in a bar with other people doing the same thing. Me, I have to keep my blinds drawn to keep from scaring the neighbors.

Ink Nineteen

Volume 9 -Devil Doll

Devil Doll's Fistful series is starting to take on the look of truly defining releases, chronicling and even shaping the second garage rock revolution as it happens. If what you're looking for are collections of rare and unreleased tracks from often criminally neglected garage bands, previous Fistful releases are just about the best albums you're likely to get your hands on, and this latest installment shows no sign of lagging behind. Well-known bands like New Bomb Turks, Hellacopters, Gargoyles, and Brut Boogaloo star alongside lesser known to unknown acts like the fine Peepshows, Black Strip Sonic, Drag Triplets, and Unband. All of those are great and, in fact, while there are the odd less interesting band on here, most of this is way above average and definitely worth the attention of any self-respecting garage rocker.

Among the finer moments are brilliant unreleased tracks from Sweden's Knockouts, some fine metal garage punk from Noise of Reality and splendid French rawk from the stunningly poorly named Jerky Turkey. And that's just the beginning of it. Get this if you're curious about what's been going on in garage rock lately, or if you're looking for an underground update on one of the most dedicated current music scenes out there.

Ink Nineteen
Ink Nineteen

Volume 10 -Devil Doll

At a time when every second new rock band is being touted as the next big thing in garage rock, it's a good thing that Devil Doll is around to help separate the posers and wannabes from the real thing. The A Fistful of Rock n' Roll compilation series offer an informed and vital presentation of worldwide garage/punk/rawk, and this tenth installment shows no sign of slowing down.

From the upbeat prime time Black Sabbath doom of 500 Ft. of Pipe's "So Good" to the epic call-to-arms aggresso-punk that is Brother Brick's "Chokito Bar," Fistful strikes a beautiful balance between signed and unsigned bands, gloom rawk and party punk. Anything goes, it seems, as long as it's got attitude and energy.

And while everything's not equally engaging, most of this is in fact remarkably good -- much owing to the diversity of the comp, ensuring that the listener is constantly surprised and repeatedly caught off-guard. Speedealer offer a stylish hybrid of Billy Idol's comic book punk and Mötorhead's metal attitude, Midnight Evils take a stab at some furious tractor rawk, and Irwing Klaws match The Ramones with The Violent Femmes. It's this playfulness that marks out both the best bands on here, as well as the comp's unique scope.

As ever, the CD comes with a thorough music essay that's worth the price of admission alone. This time, Bryan Swirsky talks about the early 1980s hardcore scene and offers a band genealogy of Biblical proportions. A great read that only serves to underline the sheer supremacy of the Fistful series today.

High Bias

Volume 10 - Devil Doll Records
There have been ten volumes of this Electric Frankenstein-curated series in the last three years, which tells you just how many bands there are out there who haven't given up on rock & roll. This is a perfect way to catch up on the scene, too—so many punk and hard rock-influenced bands have only one really great single in them, and the Fistful series does these bands a service by preserving that one song for as long as the records remain in print. With 25 bands represented, this is almost an embarrassment of riches—it might actually make more sense to listen to this disk in portions, instead of all at once. Then again, if you can't get enough of bands like the Streetwalkin' Cheetahs and Mötorhead (neither of whom appear here), you won't mind such a major-league fix. Highlights of this volume include the melodic grunge of 500 Ft. of Pipe's "So Good," the catchy glam crunch of Lawn Darts' "Later" and Schoolbus Bullies' "Waste My Time," the aggressive power rock of Mothercake's "Fists of Fury" and Speedfreaks' "Walk Away" (both from Sweden—what is it in the water over there?), the charging punk metal of Cosmic Ballroom's "You're the Man" and the crazed garage rock of Muddy Frankenstein's "Captain Moondog." And it's always nice to hear a nugget from punk/pop/rock vets the Real Kids. Not everything is gold here—cuts by the Strap-Ons, Pistolero and Midnight Evils verge on the generic, and the Bulemics' "Plasma Crazed" is just plain bad. But overall this is as rockin' a comp as you could possibly want. Don't forget to crank the volume.

Low Cut

Volume 10 -Devil Doll Records
For once a topnotch comp of current bands. 25 tracks from around the globe, mostly punkrock'n'roll and Stoner Rock, that'll convince you that rock'n'roll is in good hands after all. My old stoner faves 500 Ft. Of Pipe totally shines with "So Good" and Aussie Detroit-inspired Brother Brick absolute kills with "Chokito Bar". Other highlights include Irving Klaws, Pistolero, Speedfreaks, Bottles & Skulls (Zeke lives!) and there's a Undertones-like tune by the oldtimers in Boston's Real Kids. "Captain Moondog" by Japan's Muddy Frankenstein is probably the coolest song, imagine Ramones meets Stray Cats in Godzilla's backyard! There's actually not a weak track on this volume (one of the more 'heavy' of the series), and dig that sexy naked chick playing drums! Hot Damn!!

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