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This seems like the perfect place to tell you all about an exciting new compilation series that is being released on Tee Pee/Caroline Records - a thirteen volume series of compilation CDs called "A FISTFUL OF ROCK AND ROLL", featuring over 200 underground bands that play exciting, high-energy rock'n'roll with guts, attitude, and loud crankin' guitars. Just when I was about to declare Rock dead, shave my head, and join the monastary, A FISTFUL OF ROCK AND ROLL came along to save the day. Here's the story...

Sal Canzonieri, guitarist for New Jersey's Electric Frankenstein, was approached by the music press, who asked him to mastermind this venture. Now, Electric Frankenstein just so happens to be one of my current faves - they play very cool music that we hipsters call PUNK ROCK'N'ROLL - a mixture of punk rock and '70's inspired Rock ala KISS and AC/DC. Sal's mission was to find the best underground bands in existence that play this style of raw, nasty rock and roll, and the man succeeded...

Here are some of the bands that are featured on the A FISTFUL OF ROCK AND ROLL series - some you may have heard of, but most are independent and unsigned: Electric Frankenstein, Zeke, the Supersuckers, Rocket City Riot, Lazy Cowgirls, Jeff Dahl, Hotrod Lunatics, Napolean Blownaparts, the Uppercrust, La Donnas, Bellrays, ADZ, Libertine, Black Halos, D Generation, Dwarves, the Snatchers, Turbonegro, Muscle Car, Puffball, the Blackouts, Ballroom, the Berserkers, White Trash Debutantes, Speedealer, Frankenstein Drag Queens, New Bomb turks, the Candy Snatchers, Alabama Thunder Pus*y, Spent Idols, Saigon Sluts, Detox Darlings, the Strap-ons, Gaza Strippers, Jackalopes, Streetwalkin' Cheetahs, Teenage Frames,and scores more. These bands are the real deal - they're not into it for the money, no- they just love to get down and dirty with no-frills, unpolished, balls out, high octane rock and roll. This ain't no grunge, this ain't wimpy college indie rock, this ain't no dance music. This is heavy duty R-A-W-K in all its glory. As Johnny Thunders once said, "This is the real stuff."

Indeed, this is just what America needed. With all the boring, drab, non-rock music that has polluted our planet and dulled our eardrums for far too long, the FISTFUL OF ROCK AND ROLL bands are the cure. Yes, my friends, Rock is not dead. There are still bands in existence cranking their amps to eleven, hitting the power chords with abandon, and in general raising some serious Cain.

A FISTFUL OF ROCK AND ROLL Volumes 1-6 have already been released, and are in stores now. Volumes 7-13 are slated for release in the year 2001. Support REAL rock and roll! Help fight the anti-rock conspiracy that has gripped our nation for too long! Say NO to MTV, say NO to mainstream radio, say NO to boy bands and music with fake drums. Say YES to real rock and roll music!

If you are a fan of loud guitar rock, you must check this out.

- Paul Booth,
Seattle, WA



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