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Cryptorama: Issue #3

One of the most influential bands of the current punk-garage scene, the Electric Frankenstein needs no further introduction. Hailing from New Jersey, they released an endless string of killer 7" singles and three amazing albums on some of today's top labels. "Spare Parts" actually compiles the 7 tracks from a recent limited 10" release on V & V Records (from Switzerland), plus three live cuts as a bonus. Powerful and loud garage- punk (with the meaning given to the term "garage" in the 90s), proving the Electric Frankenstein's ability to write fabulous high-energy songs. Also here you will find a cool rendition of the classic Dictators cut "Borneo Jimmy". If you add the stunning cover illustration, by the renowned artist Derek Hess (R.L. Burnside), this is an outstanding release, not to be missed from the fans of the straight garage-punk rock.

Tail Spins: Issue #32

This is a nice CD to pick up if you don't have any of EF's limited releases on V & V Records out of Switzerland. This includes seven songs from a 10" studio release and three songs off the live release I reviewed last issue. I still recommend that entire live release if you can find it (called I Was A Teenage Shutdown, but this CD is probably going to be much easier to find. This CD features their last singer (Steve Wilkins) not the new one (Steve Miller) who actually was the original. Anyway, this good stuff (from 1987), and I particularly enjoyed their cover of a Dead Kennedy's song, "Your Emotions."

Mohair Sweets: Issue #4

Punk Rawk East Coast style. Tight and fast. Like the Dictators on Jolt cola. In fact the Dictators' "Borneo Jimmy" appears on Spare Parts. Try the instro "EF Stomp" for an electrical boost prior to a night of apartment cleanin' and you'll be done in half the time.


Crude, loud, witty rock and roll in the Dead Boys/Dictators tradition, with deceptively girlie-sounding backing vocals and guitars that can invoke bleeding. Three tracks from a WFMU broadcast demonstrate that they can more than pull it off in a live setting.

Baby Sue.com

This one's a scorcher. Electric Frankenstein already won us over with their last 10" vinyl release, but this one's even better. The band's flailing, driving rock music sounds like it's continually about to spin out of control. The studio tracks on Spare Parts were previously available on a 10" EP in Switzerland. This CD combines those tracks with three live cuts, giving the indication that this band may even be better live than they are on their studio recordings. Simultaneously loose yet very, very tight...it's almost impossible to keep still when this band's music is playing. Cool tunes like "Devil Dust" and "Man's Ruin" are cool as shit...and the band even does a blinding cover of The Dictators' "Borneo Jimmy" that does the tune justice. GREAT! (Rating: 5)

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