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"The only band that gets me off my ass to go live see is Electric Frankenstein."
-- James Hetfield, Metallica,
Metal Hammer magazine



That’s right. If You buy the “Rock N Roll Monster!” CD NOW You will get a free download of a entire Electric Frankenstein "Live at the Red Rooster" CD! The album contains live EF music from the one of their recent tours in California, recorded at the Red Rooter, Oakland, CA. After You have placed Your order through our official retailer Amazon.com, email us with proof of purchase from Amazon.com and we will send You an e-mail with a secret URL where all 10 songs from that exciting live album can be easily downloaded to Your computer. So place Your order NOW and download the entire “EF Live at the Red Rooster” album as a bonus! This is a limited time offer! Only available on EF-stuff.com!

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Money back Guarantee

You will find “Rock N Roll Monster!” spinning in Your CD player more than just a couple of times. It's a promise.

And if by any reason “Rock N Roll Monster!” does not live up to this promise, You will get a full refund on it. Just return us the CD and and You will get Your money back. No questions asked. Simple as that.

If in 60 days from the date of Your order You have listened only once or twice to the “Rock N Roll Monster” CD, just let us know and we'll refund Your purchase. Give us a call if You are not completely satisfied and we'll send Your money back.

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Rock & Roll Monster by Electric Frankenstein.
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“Who is the most important underground rock band of the last 10 years?” Just ask anyone and you will be greeted with the same answer: “Electric Frankenstein”. There’s no doubt about it. With music appearing on over 65 albums, compilations, singles and 7-Inches, there is no harder working band in Rock ‘N’ Roll today. Electric Frankenstein is a movement, a working-man’s answer to what is missing from popular music in the world today; straight-up, raw, in-your-face, combustible Rock ‘N’ Roll. Electric Frankenstein simply has no equal."
- Amazon.com

"Wild mix of the Dolls, the MC5, the Stooges, pre Rollins Black Flag and a whole lot of 60's garage rock hooks. These guys make it all seem so easy. The twin guitar sound is as big and thick as a wrestler's neck, and it's perfectly complemented by singer's WWF approved holler."
- SomeGreasyLimey,

"A bunch of guys from New Jersey exhume the rotting corpse of rawk'n'roll and, ramming together bits and pieces of the best of 60's garage,
Detroit rock and 70's american and australian punk, create the best sounding creature the world has had the fortune to lay ears upon in the past ten years. Nobody does it better. New Bomb Turks, Murder City Devils, Spitfires,       Hellacopters, Oneida, Nomads, Zen Guerrilla, and the combined  rosters of
Estrus, Get-Hip, SubPop, Empty, Junk, Dyonisus, In The Red, Sympathy and Bomp! All have to stand aside and pay homage to the Kings of Rawk!!!
As shocking as anything the Stooges, the Saints and the Scientists ever did
- Greymouser,
Chiba City, USA
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