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Satan Stole My Teddy Bear
This is the first of two live Pat Duncan radio shows that EF did on WFMU in New Jersey. This one was recorded in April 1996, when Scotty was still fresh. Dan was busy with his business and other bands, so Chris Lynn filled in on bass and did a fine job, only making two noticeable mistakes. This has to be among the top three EF recordings of all time. Scotty had just joined the ranks and had a fresh, snotty voice chock full of rage, with forceful delivery. The production quality on this CD is outstanding. As this was done live in the radio station's studio, you don't get any crowd interruptions or interference. Usually when a band puts out so many great studio records, it would be too good to be true if they also rocked live. But this album is solid proof that this band delivers no matter what-live, studio, radio, it doesn't matter. This is one of the tightest performances I have ever heard. The distortion on the guitars is perfect. John Steele really pushes the songs along. This shows that often EF transcends the restrictive punk label-this is rock 'n' roll, pure and simple.

Caveat Emptor: This was also released on V and V in Europe as a 12" picture disc. The graphics on the vinyl are awesome, but I had five copies of this and NONE of them would play. Each copy had horrible skips throughout each and every song-I even tried it on several different turntables, but to no avail. So now it's wall art. The Estrus versions are fine, but stay away from the V and V pic disc unless you're a collector.

 The best rock n’ roll album I’ve heard this year. Pick it up and enjoy the rock!

Baby Sue

Holy mommy of doodoo queen! The more I hear from Electric Frankenstein, the more I like 'em. This is a band that truly ROCKS. Thanks to the fine folks at Estrus, tunes from aa previously hard-to-find limited edition vinyl picture disc are again seeing the light of day. Recorded live to 16 track at WFMU in 1996, this batch of tunes is one big blast of explosive energy. If you're tired of posers and rock bands who just don't have their act together, check out anything by this band. One of the most direct blast of high energy rock currently out there. Includes "It's All Moving Faster," "Rise & Crash," "I Wish I Could," "Right On Target" and four more. This KICKS! (Rating: 5) 

Ear Pollution

So few truly great punk bands warm the cockles of my black little heart these days, but Electric Frankenstein tend to set their flamethrowers on high and spurt away at the charbroiled organ. But guys, you could slow down on the releases. Geez how many do you think we can afford?? Okay, so admonishments out of the way, this is a gem. Singer this time out is Scott Wilkins. This is a live radio performance for WFMU's Pat Duncan Show. It was recorded April 25, 1996. Of course, it is great, hot, burning up the damn radio. Of course, you should get it. I have now seen another live show listed on cd (It's Moving, It's Alive), and no, I don't know if it is an alternate release or foreign release of the same material under a different name. All of the above are possibilities, I guess I won't know unless I get it. Excuses, excuses. Pity, now I guess I've committed myself to purchasing more Electric Frankenstein. Songs are "Teenage Shutdown," "It's All Moving Faster," "Super Star," "Rise and Crash," "New Rage," "I Wish I Could," "EF Theme," "Right On Target" and "Demolition Joyride." Nothing new, but these cuts burn with the passion of ancient punk times. Electric Frankenstein are the cream of the crop. If you like the Hellacopters, Gluecifer, or the Dead Boys, these mutants would like you to give them just one little chance...foolish human.

Ink Nineteen

I Was a Teenage Shutdown is the first of two live radio performances Electric Frankenstein did on WMFU (http://www.wfmu.org) back in April of 1996. (The second, How I Rose From the Dead in My Spare Time (And You Can Too) was reviewed in the February 1999 Ink Nineteen .) It's a good snapshot of an Electric Frankenstein performance: no-nonsense, high-energy, awesome guitar-driven, angry punk rock. They've included "Teenage Shutdown," "It's All Moving Faster," and "New Rage," along with six other great punk rock tunes. An excellent document of a great punk rock band.


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