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TOP 10 ALBUMS OF THE Decade (1990s)
Satan Stole My Teddy Bear
I'm getting really tired of telling everyone how magnificent this band is, and you're probably getting sick of reading it. The only way you can fathom what I've been foaming at the mouth about is to pick up some of their records (what, you don't have $10 lying around? C'mon!). This is the second live radio show that EF did for Pat Duncan at WFMU in Jersey (see also I Was a Teenage Shutdown). This time, Steve forms the throat on this rock 'n' roll monster and the result smokes! This was the beginning of his second tenure in the band, so he sings the other guys' songs too! Steve switches up the lyrics on Rik L. Rik's "Blackout" making one of the coolest songs ever even cooler. He also does lots of Scott's songs, making Mr. Wilkins look like a rock 'n' roll lightweight; no easy task. I knocked some pictures off the walls the first time I listened to Steve doing his own classics like "Deal With It." Some people over at Flipside have complained that his voice seems strained. Well sister, rock ain't supposed to be pretty. The mix on this record isn't as good as the first session with Scotty, but this is probably the best document of how frantic and raw this band is. As the set list is outstanding, this gets more play on my stereo than any other EF album released in the last two years. Oh yeah, great cover art, too (duh!).

Montreal Mirror

This live radio broadcast is one of the best punk albums to come in at the tail end of '98. No new tunes this time around, but the old songs are given expert treatment from current screamer Steve Miller. Words are spat out in a mid- to fast- tempo that never loses its groove potential. "Deal With It" lets the rock roll, and "Neurotic Pleasures" punks out while steering clear of clichés. Artwork by Montrealer Donny Gillies, too. What a beaut!

Impact Press

Live disc from Electric Frankenstein that really gives you a taste of what this band is capable of. Tight melodies and tireless energy combine with a really well recorded live performance make this a disc that you will want in your collection.

10 Things Ezine

Live recording from WFMU in New Jersey. Now, don’t let that put you off, because the recording is superb and it’s great to hear a different take on a song like "Action High". It does seem to me that E.F. is for people who missed The Devil Dogs 6 years ago, but I can’t say they are a 3rd rate version of what a rock band should be, because they do rock. Electric Frankenstein have been putting out a ton of recordings, so you might want to start with the studio stuff If you haven’t already checked them out— shame on you If you haven’t.

Ink Nineteen

A great recording of a live broadcast on WFMU (http://www.wfmu.org) from last May. I no longer can keep this wonderful radio station to myself, now that they're Webcast 24 hours a day... So, every Thursday night at 11 PM, WFMU DJ Pat Duncan's features live punk/hardcore/metal/etc. bands on his show, and more often than not, two or three bands play over the course of three hours.

So, for you fans of the mighty Electric Frankenstein's spiteful punk rock, this is another live radio recording, and contains such songs as "Action High," "Right Now!," "Get Off My Back," and the awesome "Dealt W' It." Classic live punk rock.

Punk Information

This is possibly my favorite release by this band -- a blistering live set on WFMU with Steve Miller on vox. This will make you a fan if you're on the fence.

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