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"The only band that gets me off my ass to go live see is Electric Frankenstein."
-- James Hetfield, Metallica,
Metal Hammer magazine

"The Dawn of Electric Frankenstein!" - Electric Frankenstein's only release on the Triple X Records label. This is a special critically acclaimed Electric Frankenstein release that features unreleased EF demo songs that were virtually the very first EF songs ever made.

And, as a bonus, the CD features the bands that members of EF were in at the time when they got together set out to create what became known as High Energy Punk Rock & Roll!

The record features 5 rare and unheard early EF songs, and also songs by The Crash Street Kids (singer/lead guitarist Steve Miller's prior band); The Thing (rhythm guitarist Sal Canzonieri's critically acclaimed prior band); and Kathedral (past bassist Dan Canzonieri's prior band) .

Steve's band The Crash Street Kids were a straight ahead Punk and Rock band that forshadowed what he was to add to EF.  Sal's band The Thing has the disinction of being one of the first Art Punk/Stoner Rock bands ever, years before Monster Magnet or Kyuss! The Thing also were featured on the BBC radio in London for the famous John Peel Sessions.  Dan's band Kathedral were one of the biggest and most interesting of the early NYC gothic punk scene. One of their shows at the famous Limelight in NYC drew over 2,000 people, due to his previous bass playing stint in Rozz Williams' The Shadow Project/ Christian Death.

What's really exciting though is hearing the earliest EF songs, which at the time had a distinct Australia meets Detroit 70s Punk and Rock sound, which foreshadowed the "Where Punk meets Rock" theme in their music. This is where the roots of High Energy Rock & Roll begin!

Cover art features the fantastic work of Cameron Stewart, well known animation artist for Batman Beyond, Catwoman, and others. And as a further bonus, the CD itself, when inserted into a computer, has an animated version of the cover art!

This record is sure to be must have by all EF fans and a great way for new fans to pick up some of the bands best material, since it is aspecial record in EF's career.

 Can You imagine what AC/DC would have sounded like if they  would have formed the band in NYC during the glory days of the Dead Boys and the Ramones? Imagine if Motorhead was a Iggy & The Stooges style Detroit Rock band! What do you get when you cross the wild intensity of Punk Rock with the power chords of Hard Rock with the melodic music of 60s Garage Rock?

Curious? So was Electric Frankenstein, the renowned High Energy Punk Rock & Roll music band. They took the best parts of the past classic Real Rock & Roll sounds and fused them with the raw power and burning fury of Punk Rock creating the most instense High Energy Punk Rock & Roll monster ever made.

You don’t have to wait too long to experience it. It’s all on this CD Electric Frankenstein recorded – “Rock N Roll Monster” An amazing collection of exciting, fast paced, melodic, and energetic Real Rock & Roll anthems.

"Rock N Roll!" the most exciting High Energy Rock & Roll record!

13 years, over 100 record releases, and more! EF has almost single-handedly returned rock to its most basic and savage roots, the way it was meant to be. They have been receiving international acclaim for their exciting brand of High Energy Punk Rock and Roll, done with the great intensity of such bands as the Stooges, MC5, Dead Boys, NY Dolls,  Damned, Black Flag, Misfits, AC/DC, Kiss, Cheap Trick, Aerosmith, Motorhead, and other fovorites.
Find out why EF are at the head of the Top 500 Bands Most Featured in the Press (as charted in latest issue of Zine Guide). Find out why many famous bands count themselves as fans of EF (The Ramones, Metallica, Social Distortion, Jon Spencer's Blues Explosions, Monster Magnet, Pearl Jam, The Nomads, The Damned, The Misfits, AFI, Turbonegro, Hellacopters, New Bomb Turks, Supersuckers, and many others!). Find out why they won the prestigious "Best New Band in New York" award in 1998. Find out why many bands worldwide are covering EF songs live! Find out why many thousands of Rock Music fans have been delighted with their energetic live shows (sold out shows at the prestigious Fillmore in SF, the Blue Bird in Denver, and others).

So how do they sound? Glad You asked!

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The Dawn of Electric Frankenstein.
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“Who is the most important underground rock band of the last 10 years?” Just ask anyone and you will be greeted with the same answer: “Electric Frankenstein”. There’s no doubt about it. With music appearing on over 65 albums, compilations, singles and 7-Inches, there is no harder working band in Rock ‘N’ Roll today. Electric Frankenstein is a movement, a working-man’s answer to what is missing from popular music in the world today; straight-up, raw, in-your-face, combustible Rock ‘N’ Roll. Electric Frankenstein simply has no equal."
- Amazon.com

"Wild mix of the Dolls, the MC5, the Stooges, pre Rollins Black Flag and a whole lot of 60's garage rock hooks. These guys make it all seem so easy. The twin guitar sound is as big and thick as a wrestler's neck, and it's perfectly complemented by singer's WWF approved holler."
- SomeGreasyLimey,

"A bunch of guys from New Jersey exhume the rotting corpse of rawk'n'roll and, ramming together bits and pieces of the best of 60's garage,
Detroit rock and 70's american and australian punk, create the best sounding creature the world has had the fortune to lay ears upon in the past ten years. Nobody does it better. New Bomb Turks, Murder City Devils, Spitfires,       Hellacopters, Oneida, Nomads, Zen Guerrilla, and the combined  rosters of
Estrus, Get-Hip, SubPop, Empty, Junk, Dyonisus, In The Red, Sympathy and Bomp! All have to stand aside and pay homage to the Kings of Rawk!!!
As shocking as anything the Stooges, the Saints and the Scientists ever did
- Greymouser,
Chiba City, USA
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