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"The only band that gets me off my ass to go see live is Electric Frankenstein."
-- James Hetfield, Metal Hammer magazine interview

One of Electric Frankenstein's first three famous albums!  This is the record that features Steve Miller on vocals, and all the original members!

Electric Frankenstein songs that made great High Energy Punk Rock & Roll. All on "Conquers the World".

  1. It's All Moving Faster
    RealAudio (low q) || MP3 (high q)
  2. Electrify Me
    RealAudio || MP3
  3. Just Like Your Mom (Vox Pop cover)
    RealAudio || MP3
  4. New Rage
    RealAudio || MP3
  5. Deal with It
    RealAudio || MP3
  6. Home of the Brave (Naked Raygun cover)
    RealAudio || MP3
  7. Monster Demolisher
    RealAudio || MP3
  8. Face at the Edge of the Crowd
    RealAudio || MP3
  9. Get Off My Back
    RealAudio || MP3
  10. Coolest Little Monster (Zacherle cover)
    RealAudio || MP3

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Conquers the World by Electric Frankenstein.
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"A bunch of guys from New Jersey exhume the rotting corpse of rawk'n'roll and, ramming together bits and pieces of the best of 60's garage,
Detroit rock and 70's american and australian punk, create the best sounding creature the world has had the fortune to lay ears upon in the past ten years. Nobody does it better. New Bomb Turks, Murder City Devils, Spitfires,       Hellacopters, Oneida, Nomads, Zen Guerrilla, and the combined  rosters of
Estrus, Get-Hip, SubPop, Empty, Junk, Dyonisus, In The Red, Sympathy and Bomp! All have to stand aside and pay homage to the Kings of Rawk!!!
As shocking as anything the Stooges, the Saints and the Scientists ever did
- Greymouser,
Chiba City, USA

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