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ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN art book (Dark Horse Books)

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The late 1960s is generally considered the golden age of rock-and-roll posters, but Gibson's collection of poster, album-cover, and other art concerning the graphics-minded band Electric Frankenstein argues to extend that date. From the beginning, the members of Electric Frankenstein, subscribers to the punk do-it-yourself ethic, put great thought into the flyers and posters advertising the band. The examples reproduced here mix and match influences with impunity and in satisfyingly lurid colors. Many approach the stoned magnificence of a Rick Griffin or Victor Moscoso creation from the Summer of Love. Others borrow from the legendary Big Daddy Roth-Robert Williams Rat Fink artistic corpus. Still others stand alone in bent glory; for instance, the Cat in the Hat poster in which Frankensteinish seams and electrodes adorn the green feline. Comic-book styles and fumetti technique are also employed to good advantage in fun and colorful creations that bid fair to overtake the band itself in renown. Loads of good, colorful fun; who knows what the band sounds like--or cares? Mike Tribby
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From Amazon.com Book Description:
In over a decade of worldwide punk-rock dominance, the ass-kicking guitar machine that is Electric Frankenstein (#2 of the Top 500 Most Featured Bands in the Press, as verified by Zine Guide) has produced an unparalleled body of eye-slapping poster art, a swaggering, monster-fied, fuel-dragster image bank from over 180 of the undisputed champions of this most exalted of all art forms, and Electric Frankenstein! is perhaps the largest printed collection of such artists in human history! Now, unchained and free to roam the land, come the monstrous works of who's-who poster legends Coop, Kozik, Johnny Ace, The Pizz, Lisa Petrucci, Derek Hess, Alan Forbes, and more...! Plus, an in-depth history of Electric Frankenstein the band, the musical method behind the visual madness, orchestrated by EF-founder and poster-art icon Sal Canzonieri! No collection of rock poster art or chronicle of punk-rock history dares be without Electric Frankenstein!

From Amazon.uk:
Few if any bands could issue a poster book celebrating 10yrs worth of record sleeves and gig posters. That Electric Frankenstein can is a testimony to how seriously they treat their artwork as well as their music. The artwork in this book is stunning, ranging in styles from the psychedelic work of Bob Masse, to the more comic book/horror style of Johnny Ace and Kali Verra to legends such as Marc Rude (artwork for Kyuss' Blues for the Red Sun and the Misfits Earth AD albums). The print quality is vibrant and does justice to the artwork itself. With over 180 pieces of art and essays by EF guitarist Sal Canzonieri and Jim Gibson this book is well worth the asking price and will appeal not only to EF fans but to fans of all low brow/Comic Book/Horror/psychedelic art everywhere, particularly fans of the classic 'Astonishing Tales' comics or the more stylised 2000AD. - Ian Pickens

From Art of Modern Rock author Paul Grushkin:
In a word, this is about PASSION. The band is passionate about performing rock & roll. The poster artists are passionate about creating artwork reflecting the band's punk rock & roll ethos and its highly amused worldview. The poster artwork, some actual advertisements, some commemoratives, is superb. Many pieces are frankly mesmerizing. Dark Horse has done an excellent job of producing the works in accurate color. Sal Canzonieri, one of the founding bandmembers, has pulled together all the key posters and CD artwork that's defined the band's image since inception. Electric Frankenstein developed its following from posting "anonymous" flyers in the streets of Manhattan,long before their first gig. People wondered what Electric Frankenstein was supposed to be. It was an inspired artistic prank, but
thankfully the band turned out to be quite real indeed. You can read more about Electric Frankenstein in ART OF MODERN ROCK, which will be published this Fall by Chronicle Books.


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