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Satan Stole My Teddy Bear

This was released in the UK, but I found it in my hicktown, so I guess just about anyone can track this down. Great layout and graphics on the inserts. CD tray has lots of pictures of EF record covers, which always makes for cool art. Also has a rather informative source list for the songs.

The first disc is the best non-radio live recording I have ever heard from this band. Superior sound quality. Usually live recordings don't do much for anyone, after all, it would have been 1,000 times better to have been there, and you've already heard these songs a million times. But this one is different. It conveys the energy that this band puts forth every single second that they're on stage. Plus it's a great selection of songs, spanning all stages of their career. How can Steve keep it up for so long? It just doesn't compute. This is the only EF-sanctioned live record that I know about, so it's probably the only decent one.

The second disc is a collection of EF studio songs from various singles, EPs and LPs entitled "Recharged From the Vaults." Great collection of songs assembled into one unit. If you don't have these this is a great way to get them. If you already have them, there's nothing new here, but it's nice to have them all on CD. The great thing for me is that if I had to put together a K-Tel Smash Hits of Electric Frankenstein record, this is what I would have put on it.

Caveat Emptor: This was also released as a bootleg on Sonic Swirl as "Me No Like You!" here in the States, but the sound quality and layout aren't there, nor is the second disc. Avoid.

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