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Techno Punk Music Ezine

Something horrifically good is usually in store whenever cock-grabbing rockers Electric Frankenstein piece together a body of their reckless and liberating rock’n’roll. Yet, Frankenstein’s teaming with So Cal hard punkers El Nada on the fiendishly energetic double-feature split-disc Electric Frankenstein Meets El Nada is possibly well beyond the usual slaying these talented veterans typically leave in their wake.

Certainly, Frankenstein’s out-of-control, booze-drenched reverb horror show for their four tracks of this release are standard fare for them (as in they’re outstanding.) However, it might be more delicious because El Nada wrote their portion of tracks (in turn, Electric Frankenstein wrote El Nada’s segment.) Or it might simply be El Nada’s full-fisted punk fury throwing this beast into in-the-red overdrive that helps EF sound that much fresher. Since both groups only contribute four tracks, neither style has the chance to get tired.

Either way, relative newcomers El Nada do upstage the veterans (no easy task but maybe that has something to do with EF writing these damn tracks?) The way they go about it is by turning EF’s raucous tunes into rowdy, brutal punk-rock fury without losing a single jarring step along the way.

Oh yeah, eight tracks of some killer rock’n’roll and sweating-blood punk is a gory…er, glorious idea and the concept is executed with enough murderous goodness to be a dangerously essential addition to anyone’s dark crypt of energetic rock collecting. 

Hussie Skunk Ezine

This is a kick ass split between two kick ass bands that you must get your hands on. As far as I can tell the first three songs from Electric Frankenstein are new, the fourth is a cover of El Nada's "502". All three originals are the typical bad ass style rock that you should come expect from EF. As for the last four tracks on the split, they belong to El Nada, except for the Electric Frankenstein cover "N.Y. Knights". It sounds as though El Nada has mellowed out a bit since their "Nothing For Anybody" album. It's not as furious and chaotic, it's a little more organized in the melody compared to their first album. On the cover songs, you can tell that the bands put a lot of effort into making the song theirs, something few other split cover discs do. This album is pretty much a promo release for new material, but hey, you're getting new songs from each band, and some really cool covers.

Punk Fix Ezine

4 tracks from each band. Heavy rocking from Electric Frankenstein who are sounding a little more like their old selves. If you're not familiar, a nice mix of AC/DC riffage, 80s sleaze rock and late 70s punk. Happy to hear some good new tracks from them. El Nada are a bit sloppier with a more straight forward punk sound. They taste a bit more like early Rancid.

Nice split CD. Oh yeah, and killer cover art by Johnny Ace.

Ska, Punk, and Other Junk
8 track split between Electric Frankenstein and El Nada. Electric Frankenstein come out with a lot of music, yet it's always sounding good to me. It's not necessarily the music I'll listen to over and over again but when it comes to the time of reviewing them, I never have a problem with EF. I never heard of El Nada before but they play fast street punk from OC, California. I like what I hear and I'm sure street punkers will be into it as well, if they haven't heard El Nada before.

Inside Knowledge

As if these two bands didn’t already play the dirtiest rock n roll in existence, they came up with the rancid idea of covering each other songs. EF has exhumed four El Nada songs and brought them back to live, and El Nada has given some electro shocks to Electric Frankenstein songs. This is just as cool as the next corpse on a graveyard, and that’s pretty cool! 

Slug Mag

Hot on the heels of a West Coast tour together comes this ass-kickin' East Coast-meets-West Coast split, produced by Greg Heston of Bad Religion and the Circle Jerks. Each band leads off with three original tracks, then moves into a cover of one of the other band's songs. Electric Frankenstein, still sporting their classic Black Flag meets Dead Boys sound, needs no introduction. It's these El Nada guys that steal the show; they've apparently been making quite a name for themselves back home in Southern California with dates on the '02 Warped Tour and countless shows in the Los Angeles/Orange County area. The only gripe I have about this album is that it pisses me off that this duo didn't stop in Salt Lake. A must-own for fans of early 80s hardcore punk when hardcore was part of punk rock, not some weak term that bands who really play metal prefer to be called.

Impact Press

These two punk bands give it their best with four songs each on this split CD. As a twist, each covers one of the other's tracks. Electric Frankenstein does "502 Blues" and El Nada does "N.Y. Knights." Electric Frankenstein's raw, sloppy sound is complimented well by El Nada's more straightforward punk sound.

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