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Being a long time fan of Electric Frankenstein, I was excited to get their new album and give it a listen. I was never expecting what they had in store for listeners on this, their newest release, The Buzz of 1000 Volts. This album comes with the best rock n’ roll music you will hear in this day and time.

The opening riff of "The Mess" gets the ball rolling in the right direction. It’s tight and hard. It’s got a great driving feel to it. You can feel the drive in the music. As soon as Steve Miller starts singing, the dam breaks open. You can’t help but rock out to these great tunes.
The guitar sound on this entire album is strong. As always, Sal Canzonieri’s guitar playing is tight. He’s really a strong rhythm player. Lead guitarist, Carl Porcaro, lays down some smoking leads and ties it all together. Adding in Dan Canzonieri on bass and Rob Sefcik on drums, you are given some of the tightest rock music you will ever hear. Add this with the great rock vocals of Steve Miller and you have one of the front runners of the rock n’ roll scene.

There are plenty of great tunes cranked out on this album: A Mess, Dead On Beauty, NY Knights, Can’t Let Go, and the CD only track, Cocaine Blues. This really is the best Electric Frankenstein album thus far. All their years of experience come through to produce the best rock n’ roll album I’ve heard this year. Pick it up and enjoy the rock!

Storm Bringer

These guys have been tooling around for better than ten years now, mastered in the art of monstrosity, experimentalism an empty room where the good doctor and his famed creation are concerned, EF stays true to the roots of all evil with their high-energy Blues-infused Punk Rock static, raw, unrefined and proudly analog…

Plug 'em in and let 'em roar on twelve furious tracks of unearthly dirges, underground grooves and haunting melodies inspired by the moonlit pale, past to present, AC/DC to Aerosmith and beyond the unpaved Rock & Roll superhighway.

Moments in you're immediately drawn to the clutches of that which walks the night, a ghastly presence preying upon listener fear, fed by impulse, a power chord calling shines through where tracks like "The Mess," "Dead On Beauty," "Death Dealer," and "American Lies" recall Rock & Roll's glorious past life and return; a reincarnation starved for new souls.

Flying the banner for "real" Rock & Roll for a number of years, Electric Frankenstein, among its many intricate parts, embodies the spirit of the so-called, spanning a mile long list of influences credited in the contents, they storm through the gates of history with the force of Motorhead, the virility of a Jerry Lee, the subtle charm of a cold chill on a dark autumn night…

Catch "The Buzz" and grab a "Fistful" o' the hard-stuff; the underground's calling and you'd do well to listen.

The Metals Den

Punk rock has rarely made it to the surface of the underground scene, you’ll find very interesting bands which deserves a certain recognition. It’s exactly the case with ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN.

Their music is very raw, 'sleazy' and energizing. They are not exploiting the same small formula to each of their compos as it is mainly the case of these bands. And so a title like « Prey for Me » sounds like a genetic manipulation of AC/DC’s former days and The Black Crows. Their influences are rather blatant and go from The Clash to The Sex Pistols and The Ramones for which the album is dedicated to the memory of Joey Ramone.

Another example of a song provided with a somewhat dose of originality is « Dead by Dawn » for its more rhythmical beat and nocturnal atmosphere. If you’re a fan of well polished sound and impeccable production album, don’t even glance at it« The Buzz of a 1000 Volts ! » was registered with equipment dating from the 1940s - 1970, from where the very raw sound of this material comes from. It’s the kind of album that you’ll easily listen to.

Rough Edge

Electric Frankenstein are a raw rock'n'roll band whose music could be used as the dictionary definition of what rock should sound like. Roaring guitars, screeching vocals, pounding drums, throbbing bass, simple lyrics. Yeah, it's all a bit of a cliché but that's part of the fun! Actually, with Electric Frankenstein, it's all of the fun.

According to the liner notes, "The Buzz of 1000 Volts" was "recorded in glorious 48-track Analog! Everything heard on this record was done on vintage instruments, amplifiers, foot pedals and recording equipment from the 1940s - 1970s."

See where the band gets their name?

EF use that "vintage" angle not as a gimmick but to get the sound they want. That sound is a plump, rock-hard cacophony of pure rock noise that is virtually irresistible. It's an eccentric but effective cross of the Ramones, the Sex Pistols, KISS, Alice Cooper and AC/DC. And many others as well.

Basically, anyone who likes loud guitars and good times will love Electric Frankenstein.

Music Emissions

I have been an Electric Frankenstein fan for quite a few years now so this won’t come as a surprise; I think they have completely outdone themselves with The Buzz of 1000 Volts. This album rocks like there isn’t going to be a tomorrow and that this is the last party that Electric Frankenstein is going to be playing at. They sound more motivated and energized than ever before. The songs are tight and the playing is super heavy. Electric Frankenstein is out to gain legions of fans with this release. For so long, the band kind of coasted on what people had come to expect from the punky rock metal that the band was so fond of but, on this album they seem to have rejuvenated and focused their songwriting into a fine form. Throw the new Electric Frankenstein in the ring with the critically acclaimed Black Halos and there would be no doubt that EF would come out the champ. They are loud and obnoxious but they have gotten their focus back. Their reason to rock has become apparent. Their Anti Rock Conspiracy has moved up a notch so stand aside or pledge your allegiance.


Electric Frankenstein return with their new album, The Buzz of A Thousand Volts, yet another brick in the band's legacy of old fashioned punk-tinged rock and roll. Arguably Electric Frankenstein have been sorely overlooked by most media, as their retro-rock albums are almost always excellent in calling back the "glory days" of true rebellious rock. Now, as The Strokes gain notoriety for their callback to the rock that inspired bands of this ilk, Electric Frankenstein may have the oppurtunity to get the recognition they deserve, and this is an album that could catch fire on rock radio if given the chance. The Buzz of A Thousand Volts was recorded with Ben Elliot, who has found acclaim working with such legends as Eric Clapton and Keith Richards. The album was even recorded on vintage equipment made solely for Jimi Hendrix back in the late 70's, and this equipment helps give the disc a "Raw" sound that the band desired to convey, in respect to the rock forefathers. Songs like "Resurrection City" and "Can't Let Go" are some of the best raucous rock and roll to be produced in the last decade. Electric Frankenstein even cover Johnny Cash's "Cocaine Blues", a song that wraps the album up in an incredible package. For any fans that wish to remember the days when the Rolling Stones were young or even Motorhead's top-notch rock/metal, The Buzz of a Thousand Volts is surely the disc for you.


Bully Mag

Electric Frankenstein are really trying to stake out a fortress for themselves as the last bastion of integrity in the rock game. So far they've made a hell of a run at it.

More prolific than a porno actress, the band has released over two dozen albums and singles over the past decade, which makes a good case for these guys really being in it for the music. Electric Frankenstein's music has always been about just straight up high-energy, their roots are in Motorhead, The Ramones, and the MC5.

What's different here is the guys are actually getting heavier and more pissed off. There is a more definitive edge to this album. "The Mess" kicks off Buzz... in true EF fashion with rapid-fire guitars, driving drum beats, and lead singer Steve Miller's "aw go fuck yourself" vocal style. "Resurrection City" "Death Dealer" and "NY Knights" are as heavy as they've sounded in quite some time. Less of the punk revivalist sound, more of the "we're hear to tear your head" off ethic that made all their influences worthy bands.

What's so incredible is how EF, led by Sal Canzonieri, has pushed the real rock revolution mantra while not succumbing to the retro-rock wannabe-rock-star bullshit. Their music speaks for itself and doesn't require an image (check out "Super Sonic Nation" as a good example). They have their sound firmly rooted in old-school punk and 70s rock, but the sound is updated and given a kick in the ass. EF pays just enough homage to their influences and then makes the sound their own. "Finished From The Start" and "American Lies" are classic in their adherence to EF's blueprint of buzzing guitars and fast tempo. Very simply, summon the energy up and spit it out in one strong burst. "Dead By Dawn" is anthemic in parts and eerie in others, showing a more sophisticated approach and some evolution from albums previous. The same can be said of "Bite Down On Me" where the guys are taking some more atmospheric approaches. Hell they even do a cool cover of Johnny Cash's "Cocaine Blues."

What's most apparent is that EF is one of the few bands that still remember that this music should be explosive and spontaneous in order to retain some vitality. It's got integrity to it and its goddamn killer music, check it out.

Ball Buster Hard Music

It's Halloween season again and Electric Frankenstein have come of with a bag of treats in this album! (their bio says they've been going at it for over a decade but this is the first I've ever heard of them!) "Buzz..." really packs a wallop! These guys really know how to rock out! They play punk rock inspired by bands like the Ramones, the Stooges, and the Cramps, but also with some influence from hard rock/metal bands like AC/DC and Aerosmith. They play straight ahead, no-frills, ass-kicking rock and roll! The album rocks full throttle from beginning to end! Not a slow song in sight! They are also talented musicians, with some good guitar playing by Carl Porcaro and Sal Canzonieri. Sal's bass playing brother Dan and drummer Rob Sefcik make for a brick-hard rhythm section, and they have an aggressive singer in Steve Miller (no not THAT Steve Miller!), who also plays additional guitar, bass and piano. Their music is tough and tight, rough and rowdy, and they also play with a sense of humor and fun. Closing track "Cocaine Blues", for example, is a riot! Other songs that caught my attention were "Dead By Dawn", a great horror anthem which could, I dare say, be a rock equivalent to "Thriller"!; "Prey For Me", which reminded me of Bon Scott era AC/DC; and "American Lies", where the band touches on some political issues. Some may consider this song inappropriate in light of recent events, even if there is some truth in it. That aside, this album is great fun, and this band really rocks hard! This Frankenstein have made a "monster" of an album! If you like rock that really rocks, give this a whirl!

Life From Beyond

I TRY to like Electric Frankenstein, I really, really do. They have absolutely everything I love in a band: a Motorhead-ed barrage, up-yer-bum guitarwork, distemper fueled vocals... hell, they even use my fav-o-rite patchworked horror icon as a mascot! All that in their favor, and I just can’t fall for this band like I feel I should. Ringmaster Sal Canzonieri (who will have my eternal respect for masterminding the FISTFUL OF ROCK ‘N’ ROLL cd series) and his six-string abuse burn as hot as ever as does Steve Miller’s phlegm-flinging squawk, in fact, as with their multitude of previous releases, BUZZ is a sense-diddling treat - from the superior cover art to the glorious Analog sound (everything on BUZZ was created on nothing older than equipment from the ‘70s). It could just be that the similarity of BUZZ’s songs, as well as its similarity to previous EF recordings, is what puts me off. Granted, Motorhead, AC/DC and the Ramones have made careers out of remaking their debut albums, and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if the it ain’t broke, don’t fix it approach is in Canzonieri’s grand scheme, I just have yet to place EF on that tier of stagnant greatness. All whines aside, BUZZ IS another great EF record (consult Dead-On Beauty, Prey For Me, Super Sonic Nation and Finished From The Start if you’re assailed by doubt) and, even though I know damned well what I’m in for, I’ll be waiting in line to score whatever else they decide to sew together and infuse with life.

Friction Magazine

Years ago I came across these guys in a small club in San Francisco. I don't remember when or where exactly, but one thing I do remember, is not only liking the name, but also really digging the music. It was a few years back, as I say, and rock was taking a serious beating, especially here in SF, by the whole house music, lame alt-pop crap that was filling halls left and right, post dot com boom. Electric Frankenstein took the stage in full trash rock benevolence, with just a hint of Rob Zombie and a full case of cheap beer and Robert Williams artwork spectacular. In more ways than one, it was an important move on their part to come around and shake the foundation loose a bit and re-animate the withering scene that is loud guitars and rock 'n' roll bars.
So, when their new album came my way, The Buzz of 1000 Volts, I was pretty excited. I threw it on and turned it up and sat back prepared to be blown away. Well, I guess I hyped them up too much in my mind, because this album is just straight-ahead hip-shaking rock and didn't blow me away as I thought it would. It's fine, it does the job, and then after 13 tracks, it went off and I hadn't left my chair to boogie or tear up the place. I let it sit for a day then I threw it on again. It was that initial separation from over-expectancy to knowing you won't like it that got me to fully appreciate the album. Electric Frankenstein is a charged trip wire of the dingy vault that is gutter rock -- the style which many tattoos and leather boots have inspired to go along with the motorcycle ride through the grimy city at night. I actually played it a third time before settling in and writing this report. I just wanted to be honest with you, coming from a heavy rock fan's perspective. Steve Miller and his spook crew do you good and will leave many a broken tooth and bottle behind in their wake.

READ Magazine

Jesus. This must be like their third or fourth album to be released this year. Do these guys ever rest?? As impressed that I am by their prolific output, it doesn't compare to how impressed I am by their great punk that sounds suspiciously like rock and/or roll. EF never fail to ROCK OUT in a big way. They rule.

Rock in a Hard Place

Electric Frankenstein is about one thing: Rock and Roll. Inside their cd booklet, they have a whole paragraph just dedicated to the current, depressing state of RnR. And thats just what this album is, high-energy rock music. Tight, loud guitars and a pissed off lead singer on a well produced rock record. Dead On Beauty has a singable chorus that will stay in your head for the rest of the day. The Mess is a tribute to all things fucked ("You don't like me/I don't like you/ It's all such a mess"). Then there's a (what i think, at least) shout out to The Evil Dead series with Dead By Dawn, a slow, angry tune. The album finishes up with the Johnny Cash song, Cocaine Blues, done in EF style.

Ear Pollution

Electric Frankenstein, with 20-plus releases under their belts, has released the mother of all rock 'n' roll albums. This slab of CD just drips with rock hook after rock hook. It has a vintage raw sound that just begs to be played. The Buzz of 1,000 Volts was recorded with vintage gear in a vintage studio to create an incredible vintage rock sound. You can hear bits and pieces of many older rock bands, including AC/DC and The Dictators. But do not be fooled by these influences, the guys of Electric Frankenstein place their own stamp throughout the disc with mind-numbing riffs, shredded vocals, and one hell of a thumping rhythm section.

I have not listened to the band in a couple of years, and this release is probably one of there finest. Electric Frankenstein are bound to influence many, many young bands to the sound of rock 'n' roll in the new millennium, and with their punk attitude will smash to bits those that conspire against rock 'n' roll.

Electric Frankenstein have melded the lines of genres and defied pigeonholing the sounds of their music while continuously churning out street-level punk rock that very few bands can imitate. These guys will, without a doubt, go down in the punk annals as one of the most influential and prolific underground bands of all time. If you want to hear slabs of history, just buy this fucker, sit back and smile.

The Masses at Midnight

The rock 'n' roll revolution continues as Electric Frankenstein blast out 13 new ass-kicking tracks on The Buzz of 1000 Volts!   This is great balls-to-the-wall, raunchy rock music!  Imagine taking AC/DC, The MC5, The Stooges, KISS, The New York Dolls, Minor Threat, Chuck Berry, and Black Flag, mixing them all up in a blender with a bottle of scotch and tequila and the by product would be Electric Frankenstein!  This is good, good stuff!!!! 

CD Review Zone

Electric Frankenstein are quite possibly one of the biggest if not most respected underground Rock n Roll bands playing around today, in a career spanning over 10 years and over 2 dozen releases you'd think a band would be easing up. Not these guys they release what is undoubtly their best release yet.

Recorded with vintage gear, everything used was from between 1940 and 1970 to get that true gritty rock sound they've done it well. Now with Victory Records they'll be showing the punk rock audience all about rock n roll.

The albums artwork is perhaps the best ive seen this year with illustrations by all the famous artists, Dirty Donny and Paul Imagine they've come up with some sick artwork, the booklet also contains an article by Sal Canzonieiri the bands guitarist titled "What Is Rock 'N' Roll? - A Call To Arms" which makes for a good read.

Onto the music it's dirty down on the floor rock n roll to get your head rockin and your boots tappin' their list of influences includes pretty much every big rock band thats ever played. You can hear the AC/DC, KISS, Ramones, and Radio Birdman sounds all combine to give you rock that'll blow your mind. If you've liked any of the legendary rock bands your gonna like EF theres no doubting that.

Face of the Assassin

Wowee Zowee, talk about a rock-out album! Punk rock all the way, babe! In the liner notes to Electric Frankenstein's new album, guitarist Sal Canzonieri describes rock-n-roll: "It has a taste of danger, of the wrong side of the tracks, of blood, sweat, and sex." I couldn't have said it better. Keep those words in mind as you rock to The Buzz of 1,000 Volts. Take a hit off the old bong, put on your motorcycle jacket and get ready to rumble. Guitars rain down on you while you bob your head in reckless abandon to "Dead-On Beauty", then you'll pump your fists in the air to "Prey For Me." The good thing about EF is that they can rock with the best of 'em while keeping things anchored with hooks and melodies. "Bite Down On Me" will have you chomping at the bit, ready to go wild with your choice of sinful activity. By far its the best cut on the album. Lemmy!!! Joey!!! Mick and Keef!!! They're using the riff from Street Fighting Man!!! Can it get any better??? Go Electric Frankenstein Go! As for little ole me, I just wanna grab my guitar and blow out a Marshall stack!!

Geek America

Hot damn! That's what I said when I put this on. Like this: "Hot damn!" I don't know why I never paid attention to Electric Frankenstein before...I just figured they were another shitty rock band. Well Thurston, you figured wrong. This is top notch volume cranked to 11 dirty rock n roll. This is a very bold statement, especially considering this is the only album I own by them, but I'd dare to say that they're one of the best rock n roll band in the US, maybe even the best if it weren't for Rocket From The Crypt. Apparently this is just a pre-mix, but I can't remember the last album I heard that sounded this loud. I'm sure fans of this genre already listen to Electric Frankenstein, but if you like bands like the Hellacopters or Gluecifer, you need to pick up this album.


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