Electric Frankenstein Fact sheet

Contact information:
Electric Frankenstein
PO Box 294
Whippany NJ 07981


Phone: 973-752-4739

Publicity: jim@craterfaceproductions.com


PO Box 294
Whippany NJ
07981 USA

Jim Tramontana (Phone: 937-344-8880) / jim@craterfaceproductions.com
Sal Canzonieri (Phone: 973-752-4739) / SALEF@OPTONLINE.NET

Electric Frankenstein was started in 1991 by Sal Canzonieri and brother Dan Canzonieri.
After various linup changes, Electric Frankenstein is currently:
Steve Miller - vocals and lead guitar
Sal Canzonieri - Rythym guitar
Dan Canzonieri - Bass
Mike Lincoln - Drums.

Occasionally John Steele and Rob Sekcik (past drummers) fill in on drums
and Chris Lynn and Bill Gill (past bassists) fill in on bass.

Recorded output:
Electric Frankenstein have over 13 albums released on various labels all over the world.

Important points:

1. Ranked the Number 2 of Top 500 Most Featured Band in the Press, according to the 2003 Issue of Zine Guide, in the top 5 and top 10 for the last 10 years.

2. A 200 Page book about Electric Frankenstein history, album cover and poster art, published by Dark Horse Books, out February 2004, which is the first book in the world to feature over 180 famous Rock & Roll artists in one book, under one central theme, by such artists as Coop, Kozik, Forbes, Hess, Chantry, Johnny Ace, Mark Arminski, Bob Masse, Dirty Donny, and many more. The book is in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

3. Songs featured on MTV's "Viva La Bam!" show, and many surfing, skateboard, snowboard, and motorcross bike videos.

4. Songs featured on the "Tony Hawk Underground" Skateboard Videogame by Activision.

5. Songs, artwork, and t-shirts featured in various feature and independent films: Signs, American Psycho 2, Chasing Amy, Flophouse, Cannibal Maniac, Prison-A-Go-Go, Blacklight, Pothead Zombies, and others.

6. Songs and/or poster artwork featured in various television programs: MTV "Viva La Bam", "Lonelygirl15", X-Files, Dawson's Creek, Tony Hawk Show on ESPN sports channel, and others.

7. A 10 song live video was produced by Lorne Michaels, the producer of Saturday Night Live, which features a live performance at the American Music Hall in San Francisco, CA.

8. Played music festivals all over the world, including Warp Tour, Holidays in the Sun  the US and the UK, Hultsfred in Sweden, Provinsiirok in Finland, Bilboa Action Rock in Spain, and more.

9. Sold out shows at such places as The Fillmore in SF, CA, the Blue Bird Theater in Denver, CO, the Chiller Theatre in Rutherford, NJ, and many others worldwide. Played worldwide at shows with Danzig, Social Distortion, Marilyn Manson, Hole, Joe Strummer, SOD, Misfits,  Monster Magnet, etc..

10. Featured artist in documentary film on the return of rock n roll, “Born in Flames”, directed and produced by Patti Rhodes, film documentarian.

12. Favorably reviewed by famed producer Bob Rock at www.garageband.com .

11. Full page article in the prestigious Radio & Records (R&R) - read by A&R VPs all over the world.

13. Songs played by Eddie Trunk on prestigious “Friday and Saturday Night Rocks” radio show on WNEW-FM, NYC.

14. Top 20 debut in R&R for specialty show add-ons and consistent top 5 and top 10 for college radio add-ons.

15. Mentioned in Weather Report/ Retail Sales section of Billboard in article stating that retail stores are reporting high sales of rock n roll records to under-18s and EF being top seller.

16. High ranking artist on MP3.com site, averaging 6,000 - 10,000 or more downloads a month, and often ranked Number One simultaneously on three genre charts:  Pop/Rock, Stoner Rock, and Punk Rock.

17. Videos featured on Music TV shows worldwide: USA, Spain, Finland, Sweden, Japan, Phillipines, Korea, and Thailand.

18. Guitarist, Sal Canzonieri, executive producer of critically acclaimed 13 volume compilation series “A Fistful of Rock N Roll”, author of many articles for various pulications, including Guitar, Seconds, Wushu Kung Fu, and others.

19. "Buzz of 1,000 Volts" album produced by Ben Elliot (Nirvana, Days of the New, Sheryl Crow, Keith Richards, Eric Clapton, Henry Rollins, etc.). "Annie's Grave" produced by Phil Caivano of Monster Magent.

20. High ranking 4 star and up reviews in most indie rock fanzines and major music magazines such as Tower Pulse, Kerrang, Metal Hammer, Terrorizer, and Rocksound.

21. Music enjoying cross over from Rock & Roll to Garage Rock to Punk to Hard Rock to Stoner Rock to Heavy Metal audiences.

22. Featured in various books, such as Mick Ronson biography, The Immense Encyclopdeia of Heavy Metal, The Encyclopdeia of Punk and  Hardcore (Italy), The Encyclopedia of Stoner Rock and Doom Metal.

23. "Spare Parts" album cover by Derek Hess voted one of Top 100 Album Covers by Juxtapoz magazine.

EF Bio information:

Electric Frankenstein

It's as if somebody spilled a tanker truck full of adrenaline all over the stage. Or, it could be the vivacity of Electric Frankenstein, a punk rock and roll band that likes to crank out all the electricity it can generate and blow fans into the next century with its bursting-with-energy performances.


Music should get you excited, says Electric Frankenstein. It should fill you with energy and maybe even inspire you a little. Electric Frankenstein is all about getting the audience rowdy and ready to rock and roll. The band crafts music that is fun and potent and capable of ripping the top of the nearest concert hall.

All in the Songs

For Electric Frankenstein, being a successful band is totally about the songwriting. If you can't write songs that get people revved up, then it's over before it started. “It's ALL in the songs! If people don't freak out about how great the songs are, your band is already in trouble, big trouble. The BIG SECRET in the music world on how to get huge is WRITE GREAT SONGS!” From there, says Electric Frankenstein, let word of mouth do its thing. If the songs coming from the stage are exciting, people will spread the word. “If your songs are great, then people are going to tell other people, and you will get popular fast. Popularity always follows great songs.”


Music is art and Electric Frankenstein understands that. But these musicians do believe that art should be appreciated for its own sake. “Art for art's sake, when great music is created for the art of song writing and for the love of high quality!” Electric Frankenstein strives for each song to be a great number, full of art and fun.


Electric Frankenstein was declared the best new band in New York in the 1997 NY Press Awards. The group has opened at festivals worldwide for such artists as Marilyn Manson, Monster Magnet, Social Distortion, Danzig, Dictators, Dwarves, Adolescents, 45 Grave, Poison Idea, Fu Manchu, Queens of the Stone Age, Joe Strummer, Zodiac Mindwarp, Dead Kennedys, Exploited, UK Subs and more.


International touring is scheduled for the near future and the band is reveling in the recent release of the “Burn Bright Burn Fast!” album. The group is currently working with A&R Select, the leading A&R firm in Hollywood, CA.

Outro Message

“EF aren't young or pretty, and in case you haven't noticed neither is Real Rock & Roll. EF aren't here to be your girlfriend, they're here to ROCK! While stupid critics might say 'but, it's only rock n roll, its nothing new', EF fans are saying "Damn, right!" as they embrace the best of what's loud, fast, and rules from the last 30 years distilled down to one single organism. EF are on a mission to revitalize Rock & Roll and save people from the boredom of "alternative music". EF shows are intense, exciting, and inspiring. EF's number one priority is our fans, we do our music to make our fans happy. We are the only band that has monthly prizes and tons of free stuff going out to our fan club.”


“Rock is fun and for everyone. That was the message of punk to begin with and Electric Frankenstein carries the torch held high.” - A&R Select