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  "Electric Frankenstein plays straight forward rock n roll with a punkish vibe. These guys seem mean & dirty. I hope MTV never catches on to them! They are no doubt the best rock band today. This is authentic rock music unlike the garbage those Kid Rock types try to pass off as the real deal!"
- Steven McGuire,
Chatsworth, CA

I clearly remember the first time I saw Electric Frankenstein. It was 1996,
I was 16 years old and had to lie and weasel my way into the bar where they
were playing. Little did I know, was about to get punched in the face with
some of the most action packed, pure as hell rock and roll music I would
ever get to witness first hand.  Goddamn, a punch in the face never felt so
good. That was the same year I bought the Stooges "Raw Power" album. What a
year. Do you remember the first time you ever heard "Search and Destroy"? 
You heard that song, and you were like.. "Holy shit! Do I wanna fight, or do
I wanna fuck?"  That's what happened to me the second EF started to play.
With my mouth hanging open, my hands gone numb, and my blood vibrating... I
was witnessing Rock and Roll... the real shit, and it was intense. Very few
bands have ever moved me in that way. In an era of pop-punk sensations,
robo-bullshit, and soulless *singer-songwriter* rock... Somewhere in New
York City, Electric Frankenstein is bringing us back to a time when rock and
roll was dirty and full of pure adrenaline. We can no longer see the MC5. We
can't see the Dead Boys. But we sure as hell can see Electric Frankenstein.
I suggest you do so."
- Anne Helvis,
Pittsburgh, PA

"I was doing a zine with my friend and becoming increasingly jaded by the generic ‘pop’ punk and even worse metal-core that seemed to have taken over the scene. What I wanted was something fresh, something with spirit, something that electrified me again.
We got the UK version of ‘Action High’ to review, and suddenly my enthusiasm for not just Punk, but genuine ass kickin’ Rock n Roll was rejuvenated. Damn was this good! From the opening title track to the Crime cover finale – this was the King of Punk, 100% prime RnR beef, the Real Deal.
10 years on and EF just keep getting better. Each album a sonic blast of TNT fuelled ROCK that makes you want to punch the air and scream.
For me Punk never really recovered. The pop punk pap became the norm and then we got nu-metal. Each to his own I guess, but if you want to feel that buzz, that gut churning feeling you only get when you here music played from the heart, by people who really mean it, then you need to check out Electric Frankenstein. The Time is Now.
- Ian Pickens,
Wales, UK

"What can you say about Electric Frankenstein? A bunch of guys up on stage, living it. No pretentious bullshit. Not just playing... working. Working to keep punk rock alive. Working to keep rock alive. In the pay to play world we live in, full of force fed pop- "punk" and pop "stars" we have these guys. Showing it's not about how old you are... how pretty you are in your pierced up face and $100 outfit... or how many magazines or lunchboxes or action figures you sell that makes you successful. It's all about heart. About the loyalty between the band and the true fans. Not followers like with other bands. An Electric Frank fan equals 100 mindless followers. That's because they do it themselves. They know who there are, and they know how to run the ship. There is no filter. There is no filler. Just pure, raw, uncompromising rock. They've shown you how to do it. Now start your own fucking band!"
- Tim G.,

"E.F. and especially Sal has given me a possibility to be a recording artist in USA and in various other countries. It was nothing but luck that Sal found our songs from mp3.com and forwarded us up to Devil Doll Records who finally signed us and we got a chance to release 2 of our first albums through them.
This kind of help is not common in any business, people tend to think that if someone else makes it through their own stuff may get put aside. E.F. has proved that this ain't what they're thinking by taking a big role in a "Fistful of Rock n' Roll" mailing list created to help unsigned & indie bands with their careers.
I hope that I'm able to return the favor to someone else in the music business, EF doesn't need my help but there are thousands of unsigned bands who're looking for help and that's what I'm going to do if it's possible.
- Tuomo Lindholm,
Tornio, Lapland, Finland

"Electric Frankenstein makes me want to personally throw justin timberlake into a rusty meat grinder"
- Philaarts.com,
Philadelphia, USA

"Your records are great. I blast them all the time on my record player because that's how you sound the best. Me and my friends we love nothing more than skating some pool and drinking a nice hefeweizen while listening to your music. It's amped and makes you want to take on the fuckin' world but at the same time it has inspired my own writing in lyrics and in rhythm guitar for my band Anal Leakage. Your just a powerhouse to be reckoned with and I hope to see you guys or even sit down and have a beer with ya guys the next time your out in Southern California. "
- Dave Bergschneider,
Southern California, USA

"The best EF cd i have is How to Make a Monster. I love the feel, rock and punk. You guys have an awsome sound."
- Aaron Scumbag,

"For those about to rock... Electric Frankenstein salutes you!
This combo must have been breastfed with their copies of "Raw Power" by Iggy and The Stooges holding their mother's milk. They destroy any pretext of a quiet evening at home... God bless 'em."
- Amazon.com customer,
Rockville, MD


 For Anyone who has never had the Chance to Hear hear Electric Frankenstein...what a shame.  To Hear them 'Live' is truly an an experience that one would have to witness.  In short, these guys can play.  They will kick the ASS of any,  so called Metal-Hard rock wanna be's  playing Nationally today.

These Guys are for real. What I cannot understand is that - many band's that are supposed to be Rock N' Roll Hard asses or classed as "Heavy" can't seem to produce a CD as Compelling as "How to Make a Monster". Gee, I wonder why!!   I really Dig that Disc, artwork aside. It's a Great CD for sure. No Doubt one of my Favorite's.

Watching  Electric Frankenstein Play 'Live' is just   "WAY-COOL".   Their Vocalist and Lead Guitar - Steve has got more Voice and  "RIP-SHIT" guitar licks than you could ever Imagine. That dude can Play.   Bill on Bass has got some Cool Bass lines of his own.  John on Drums  is the Glue,  with  great back-up Vocals and Thunderous ear shattering sounds.  Lastly, Sal Canzonieri is the Catalyst of this Band.  Don't be fooled by Sal's Subtleness.  He know's exactly what he's doing.  He's a great Ryhthm-Lead Player with his Marshall 4-12 Crankin'-out the  Jam's.  

My question is this...WHY AREN'T THESE GUYS HEADLINING SOMEWHERE and WHY AREN'T THEIR TUNES ON THE RADIO ???...It's so sad to see what Popular Radio has become, to the point of excluding bands like Electric Frankenstein.  Guys, your time will come.  I just wish a radio program director, somewhere, anywhere would grow some Ball's,  and Play your stuff on the air, giving you the attention you truly deserve.  Electric Frankenstein is the Best.
You Guys are the best. 

BTW, Thanks for the TEE- shirt Man.   I luv it.  Just wore it to Cedar Point amusement Park.   Shit, I had at least 4-5 dudes walk up to me and  say..."fuckin'   A  - Man"   and how much they dig you guys.  So Yeah, there are folk's out there who're  HIP to your stuff.

- John Tomczak

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