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Sal Canzonieri

The Story of Electric Frankenstein

Interview with producer/guitarist Sal Canzonieri.

How did Electric Frankenstein get started?

Well, I knew some of them from other bands that played in such as Adrenalin OD, Crash Street Kids, and others. The bassist at the time was my brother, Dan. Everyone in the band was into Punk Rock from it's early days, like The Ramones, Dead Boys, Damned, Sex Pistols, Germs, Weirdos, Rik L Rik, Adolscents, Social Distortion, Black Flag, Bad Brains, Minor Threat, Circle Jerks, etc., when it was fresh and young and not coopted by the Pop Music establishment and also they were fans of Hard and Heavy Rock like AC/DC, Kiss, Aerosmith, Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath, Motorhead, Led Zepplin, Mott the Hoople, Stooges, MC5, Blue Cheer. So, it was natural to get together. They are very creative and talented people.  We all wanted to do something to revitalize Rock & Roll and save it from the doldrums it was in during the late 80s.  I thought of merging together like a Frankenstein creation all the various styles of Rock & Roll into one seamless thing, with the fury and passion of Punk Rock to kick it all up a few notches. We waited a year before playing live, we wanted to impress people right off the bat, AND we did!

What is High Energy Rock & Roll?

Well, it is heavy and fast Rock & Roll mixed with Punk's energy, fury, and passion.  It makes a riff heavy rock with a fast pace and lots of hooks and melody in the song arrangements, without having to go into Pop crap at all. It draws from all different eras of Rock & Roll and combining them all stylistically to creat something that sounds fresh and new, with a lot of energy and excitement.

Why Rock & Roll music?

Rock & Roll is always exciting and always recharges people. There is nothing depressing about Rock & Roll music, unlike the phony Nu-Metal bands that were around a few years back.

Rock & Roll is what charms the savage beast!  People want to go out and have a great time to be inspired by the music and the band that is on stage.  People need Rock & Roll to help them forget about their troubles and to help them find a new way out of them. 

It makes people happy and full of vigor and makes girls horny! It's great bar music to drink to, as well! 

Everytime THEY think THEY finally have you in control with their fake player-piano music ("electronica"!), Real Rock and Roll shows up and wakes up the dead - from the 1950s to the 90s (Elvis, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Rolling Stones, Who, Iggy Pop & Stooges, MC5, Velvet Underground, Ramones, Sex Pistols, Kiss, AC/DC, Motorhead, Minor Threat, Black Flag, etc.) the ugly beast of Rock and Roll rips the roof off and scares the hell out of THEM to revitalize the corpse of rock and roll and make music exciting again! This time, its Electric Frankenstein's turn to charge things up! Join the body electric with Electric Frankenstein and help Fight the Anti-Rock Conspiracy! Keep Real!

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