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· Marshall Amplifiers
· Gibson Les Paul Guitars
· Rickenbacker Bass
· Ludwig "Vistalite" Drums

Sample studio where EF has recorded -
The Showplace Studio in Victory Gardens NJ, 48 Track Analog


Vintage Classic Rock & Roll equipment

Electric Frankenstein plays only the best vintage classic Rock & Roll equipment, all our instruments and ampliers are at least 20 to 30 years old, when tube amplifiers and 5 piece maple neck guitars were at their best. Even our drums are pure vintage equipment.

It is only with the right tools that can you get the work done right!

Electric Frankenstein owes a lot of the deep and rich tones, plus allout rawness and loudness, in our sound to our insistence in playing only the best classic Rock & Roll equipment around.

Even our footpedals, when we use them, our vintage equipment, such as Tube Screamers, Wah Wah Pedals, Tremolos, Big Muffs, and so on.

All our albums have been produced on 2" tape in the best analog recording studios in the area.


A Marshall stack - what REAL Rock & Roll is played through!

Marshall Amplifiers

For the past two decades, one name has been synonymous with the best in rock amplification. Marshall Amplfiers! EF's gutiarists Steve Miller and Sal Canzonieri play vintage 100 Watt Marshall JCM 800 amplfiers. In fact, between all the members of the band, we own at least 5 of them! All are from various years and each with different tubes for different sounds (which is great both for recording and live!).

The classic Marshall amp is favoured and featured by some of the world's greatest guitarists and bands (The Who, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zepplin, Sex Pistols, Kiss, AC/DC, Alice Cooper, Motorhead, Monster Magnet, and all of today's Punk Rock & ROll bands). The 100 Watt Marshall amp has an incomparable 100 watt raunch. Each channel has its own volume control and is mixed into the tone network of treble, middle, bass and presence controls. Variable mains and output selectors enable the amp to be used around the world, with virtually any speaker system.


The Classic Gibson Les Paul Guitar - black!

Gibson Les Paul Guitars

There is only kind of electric guitar to play High Energy Punk Rock & Roll and the Gibson Les Paul is that guitar!  The Gibson Les Paul line of guitars is universally hailed as the best and is played by legendary musicians, such as Pete Townsend, Jimmy Page, Joe Perry, Steve Jones, and countless others. Gibson introduced the Les Paul Model in 1952. The Les Paul quickly grew into a family of four models-the Junior, Special, Standard  and Custom-all of which would become Gibson classics.

EF's guitarists Steve Miller and Sal Canzonieri own and play many different vintage Gibson guitars, almost all of them made before 1980, when they still used 5-piece maple necks.  We have black, white, red, gold-top, and othe varieties of Les Paul standards, customs, and specials.


The classic Rickenbacker Bass- black!

Rickenbacker Bass

For a fat bottom end with clear distinction, the Rickenback bass, favored by John Lennon of the Beatles, Lemmy of Motorhead, and many others, is one of the best around. Famous for its ringing sustain, treble punch, and solid underlying bass, EF's bassist Bill Gill, plays a big black one!

Rickenbackers were known for their fine craftmanship, clear tones, and also their necks extended from the patent head to the base of the body. Today this is known as neck-through-body construction, with the sides of the guitar body bolted and/or glued into place. Rickenbacker was first to mass produce instruments like this, and the design would soon became a well-known trademark.


Ludwig Vistalite Drums - blue!

Ludwig Vistlite Drums

The booming thunder generated by the Ludwig Vistalite drums is one of the best, as no less than John Bonham of Led Zepplin and Keith Moon of The Who could testify! EF's drummer John Steele, of course, has 'em, and a blue set to boot!

There’s a reason the world’s best drummers play Ludwig drums, not only have they been designed and crafted with quality, with a sleek understated look, but the Ludwig sound is inimitable. The classic heavy rock sound is based for the most part on the Ludwig drum sound. 


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