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BGT ENT was started in 1986 by Sal Canzonieri, formerly known as the guitarist and songwriter of one of the first Stoner Rock bands, NYC cult band,  The Thing, and mastermind behind the highly successful "A Fistful of Rock & Roll" compilation record series. Sal also is the author of many music and martial arts articles for various magazines, such as "Seconds", "Guitar", "Wu Shu Kung Fu", and others. Currently, Sal has authored an Electric Frankenstein art book that is published by Dark Horse Books, Inc. After being involved in all facets of the music industry since he was 1975, Sal decided to unite his music business experience and his desire to write songs and play music into one production company, BGT ENT.

"Most bands and artists have no idea about the business side of things and don't usually see all the behind the scenes stuff that takes place," says Sal Canzonieri, also known for his artist's rights crusading and consultation work. "I would like to help other artists be able to be self suffient so that they do not get ripped off and discouraged about music. I think that a band from today's internet era can be successful without a record label and with self management. Helping musicians benefit from my experience and success in the business is rewarding because a lot of great bands get to be heard before they are forced to break up over the business of making music".

BGT ENT, provides consultation services to bands and artists, both in music and print art, in the areas of marketing and sales, promotions, publicity, artistic direction, strategy, and more.  Also BGT ENT works with bands that need a producer that has worked from both sides of the fence when it comes to the recording studio.  Finally, BGT ENT also provides artists with help with song writing.

The company focuses on many aspects of popular cuture, such as video game development, toy design, Rock & Roll poster art, and music which can be defined as non-mainstream Punk and Rock & Roll bands of all types. Our goal is to keep revitalizing Rock & Roll, to keep music exciting both live and on record, so that people will always be able to enjoy the Real Rock & Roll experience.

"Electric Frankenstein is our means of keeping up the Real Rock & Roll crusade," says Sal Canzonieri, a fan of all types of Rock & Roll since his teen years. "Writing songs that make people excited to be alive and really happy to have heard the songs is what makes all tke hard work worth it!"

Contact BGT ENT c/o Sal Canzonieri:

Mail:     PO Box 294
Whippany NJ
07981 USA
Phone:     +973 599 9640
E-mail:     salef@optonline.net

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