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Steve Miller
Sal Canzonieri
Dan Canzonieri
Rob Sefcik
Electric Frankenstein

Electric Frankenstein hails from New Jersey (home of Monster Magnet, The Misfits, Adrenalin OD, Skid Row, Bruce Springsteen, Southside Johnny, Frank Sinatra, etc.), USA. The band was formed by Sal and Dan Canzonieri (ex-bassist) in 1990 to perform and promote Real Rock & Roll music. All members of the group are professional musicians with 20 years of experience in NJ's finest Punk and Rock music groups.

Steve Miller - deranged undertaker, singer and lead guitar player. He of the possessed stage-presence, his flexing vocal cords give voice to EF's thoughts. This guitar butcher lends his ripping leads, devastating hooks, and pounding chords with surgical precision, operating on the Electric Frankenstein audience's brain cells. He has also sung in Crash Street Kids, Dead Planet Babies, Cherry Thirteen, and others.

Sal Canzonieri  -- mad scientist and rhythm guitar player. His crashing chords, buzzsaw guitar sounds, and angry presence help shape the sound of Electric Frankenstein. Late of NYC space rock cult band, The Thing, who were one of the very first "stoner rock" bands around, before Monster Magnet, Kyuss, and Fu Manchu. He has also played in the hardcore punk band, Doom Patrol and one of the earlist Death Metal band's Crimson Gash. He also plays in side projects, such as the Kung Fu Killers, Maggot SS, and others.

Dan Canzonieri -- rampaging maniac and bass player extraordinairre. With his breath-taking bass tones, bottom heavy jack-hammer notes, and menacing looks, he is ready to provide a firm foundation to Electric Frankenstein's rhythm section. He has played in various rock & roll and punk bands such as Shadow Project/ Christian Death, The Kung Fu Killers, Maggot SS, Empire Hideous, Melvis Kepper, among others.

Mike "Hot Rod" Lincoln -- maniac monster and drummer. His deadly twirling sticks and pulverizing foot pedal pound out the power beats necessary to mesmerize those that dare to listen, providing the booming thunder rhythms that awakens the discerning Electric Frankenstein listener. He also plays with The Victims (70s Garage Punk band on The Misfits' Plan 9 Records label) and other bands.

(Former members include: Rik L Rik (singer for F-Word, Negative Trend, etc.); Soctt Wilkins (singer for Verbal Abuse); John Steele (drummer for Holeshot, guitarist for Voice of Doom); Bill Gill (bassist for The Gillmen); Joe Martin (drummer for ); Rob Sekcik (drummer for Fur, Uppercut, Minds Eye, and Crawlpappy); Chris Lynn (bassist for Hudson Falcons), Mike Mindless (bassist for The Skulls), and others.

Electric Frankenstein has an extensive history of touring and playing live. They have performed numerous concerts in the United States, Canada, the UK, Scandinavia, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, Slovenia, and Croatia. EF played the 1997 Warp tour. They plan to tour Japan and Australia soon. EF have played with Danzig, Monster Magnet, Marilyn Manson, Hole, Social Distortion, The Misfits, Dead Kennedys, Dictators, Poison Idea, Negative Approach, SOD, Joe Strummer, The Dwarves, Nebula, Orange Goblin, Electric Wizard, Queens of the Stone Age, Fu Manchu, Unieda, Turbonegro, Hellacopters, Backyard Babies, Glucifer, Fuzztones, and many more.

EF has been on over 40 of the world's best indie record labels (Sub Pop, Man's Ruin, Estrus, Get Hip, Victory, Au-go-go, TKO, Junk, etc.), selling half a million records. They have appeared on many European music televison shows and have had their songs or artwork featured in many movies and tv shows, including X-Files, Dawson's Creek, Signs, Spiderman 2, American Psycho 2, Flophouse, Prison-A-Go-Go, Cannibal Maniac, Tony Hawks Proskater, and the occasional porno flick as well. EF songs have been featured on videogames, such as Tony Hawk Under Ground (THUG).
Also, Dark Horse Comics/ Books have released a giant artbook, called Electric Frankenstein!", featuring 10 years worth of EF concert posters and record covers done by over 300 of the world's best artists!

EF have been well reviewed in such magazines as Kerrang, Metal Hammer, Terrorizer, Rock Sound, Alternative Press, Hit Parader, Seconds, Thrasher, Lollipop, Tail Spins, Rue Morgue, Maximum Rock N Roll, Flipside, Big Takeover, Paper, Aquarian Weekly, and countless European & Japanese magazines as well. NY Press picked EF as the "Best Punk Band in NYC". EF have received top 40 commercial radio airplay in the USA, Top 5-10 on many American college radio stations, and were Number One on Belgian, Finnish, and Swedish, etc., national radio. EF has even been picked by the Frankenstein Society as the bands representing the release of the Frankenstein commemorative stamp for the US Post Office. Not only are they one of the top most featured bands in the music press (currently #2 out of the Top 500!), but they have a loyal fan following in over 10 countries, with many bands citing EF as an influence and covering EF songs, and drawing thousands at music festivals internationally. EF's raw, powerful, and melodic Dead Boys meets AC/DC sound that has made them the Kings of High Energy Punk Rock N Roll!

EF recognizes the importance of integrity. From giving proper nods to the architects of street-level rock (Iggy and the Stooges, Dead Boys, AC/DC), to fiercely supporting DIY labels to their constant efforts to put fans first ahead of profit, EF is championing the cause to bring Rock back to the people and out of the hands of corporations. EF are on a mission to revitalize Rock & Roll and save people from the boredom of "alternative music". EF's music and shows are intense, exciting, and inspiring.

Electric Frankenstein Press Bio:

It's as if somebody spilled a tanker truck full of adrenaline all over the stage. Or, it could be the vivacity of Electric Frankenstein, a punk rock and roll band that likes to crank out all the electricity it can generate and blow fans into the next century with its bursting-with-energy performances.


Music should get you excited, says Electric Frankenstein. It should fill you with energy and maybe even inspire you a little. Electric Frankenstein is all about getting the audience rowdy and ready to rock and roll. The band crafts music that is fun and potent and capable of ripping the top of the nearest concert hall.

All in the Songs

For Electric Frankenstein, being a successful band is totally about the songwriting. If you can't write songs that get people revved up, then it's over before it started. “It's ALL in the songs! If people don't freak out about how great the songs are, your band is already in trouble, big trouble. The BIG SECRET in the music world on how to get huge is WRITE GREAT SONGS!” From there, says Electric Frankenstein, let word of mouth do its thing. If the songs coming from the stage are exciting, people will spread the word. “If your songs are great, then people are going to tell other people, and you will get popular fast. Popularity always follows great songs.”


Music is art and Electric Frankenstein understands that. But these musicians do believe that art should be appreciated for its own sake. “Art for art's sake, when great music is created for the art of song writing and for the love of high quality!” Electric Frankenstein strives for each song to be a great number, full of art and fun.


Electric Frankenstein was declared the best new band in New York in the 1997 NY Press Awards. The group has opened at festivals worldwide for such artists as Marilyn Manson, Monster Magnet, Social Distortion, Danzig, Dictators, Dwarves, Adolescents, 45 Grave, Poison Idea, Fu Manchu, Queens of the Stone Age, Joe Strummer, Zodiac Mindwarp, Dead Kennedys, Exploited, UK Subs and more.


International touring is scheduled for the near future and the band is reveling in the recent release of the “Burn Bright Burn Fast!” album. The group is currently working with A&R Select, the leading A&R firm in Hollywood, CA.

Outro Message

“EF aren't young or pretty, and in case you haven't noticed neither is Real Rock & Roll. EF aren't here to be your girlfriend, they're here to ROCK! While stupid critics might say 'but, it's only rock n roll, its nothing new', EF fans are saying "Damn, right!" as they embrace the best of what's loud, fast, and rules from the last 30 years distilled down to one single organism. EF are on a mission to revitalize Rock & Roll and save people from the boredom of "alternative music". EF shows are intense, exciting, and inspiring. EF's number one priority is our fans, we do our music to make our fans happy. We are the only band that has monthly prizes and tons of free stuff going out to our fan club.”


“Rock is fun and for everyone. That was the message of punk to begin with and Electric Frankenstein carries the torch held high.” - A&R Select

Quick Discography:

EF has recorded over 13 albums and EPs:

  • The Time Is Now" (1995) - the record that started it all, Feaures such street hits as "Teenage Shutdown" and "Demolition Joyride".
  • "Conquers the World" (1996) - A collection of our first batch of singles, features such hit songs as "Get Off My Back", "Electrify Me", and more.
  • "Sick Songs" (1997) - features guest singer Scott Wilkins of Verbal Abuse fame, with fan favorite songs such as "Action High".
  • "Spare Parts" (1998) - a collection of singles and non-album tracks featuring Scott Wilkins on vocals. Cover art by famous poster artist Derek Hess.
  • "Rock & Roll Monster" (1998) - features guest singer, the late Rik L Rik of F-Word fame, with fan favorite songs such as "Blackout".
  • "Listen Up, Baby" (1999/2002) - the return of Steve Miller on vocals, features many fan favorites, such as "You're So Fake", "Rocket in My Veins", "Neurotic Pleasures", and others. Cover art by famous poster artist Frank Kozik.  New version includes many new songs.
  • "How to Make a Monster" (2000) - One of our best selling and most known albums, with hit songs such as "Speed Girl", "Up from the Streets", and many more. Features fantastic cover art by renowned poster artist Coop.
  • "The Buzz of a 1,000 Volts" (2001) - our heaviest album, produced by Ben Elliot, who worked with Nirvana, Henry Rollins, Keith Richards, Eric Clapton, and more.  Features great cover art by Dirty Donny and such great songs as "NY Knights", and more.
  • "EF/ Supersuckers Split LP" (2002) - Split album of all new songs on the Music Cartel record label.  Split with the Supersuckers.
  • "It's Moving, It's Alive!" (1999) - Wild live album recorded at the famed Continental in NYC during its heyday. Last show with Scott Wolkins on vocals. Official bootleg.
  • "Live, Loud, and Angry!" (2000) - Roaring live album recorded at the famed Euclid Tavern in Cleveland, Ohio. UK import.
  • "Sod The Odds EP" (2001) - UK collection of singles, cover songs, compilation tracks, and exclusive songs, sponsored by Metal Hammer magazine.
  • "Don't Touch Me, I'm Electric/ Annie's Grave" (2002) - UK collection of singles, compilation tracks, and exclusive songs.
  • "The WFMU Sessions: "I Was a Teenage Shutdown" and "How I Rose From the Dead" (1999-2000) - Two live albums recorded on cult free-form radio station, WFMU.
  • "The Dawn of Electric Frankenstein" (2001) - compilation featuring unreleased EF demo songs from 1992 and tracks by our past bands that we were in at the time of EF's formation, showing our musical roots. Cover art by "Batman Beyond" animation artist Cameron Stewart.
  • "EF/ El Nada Split EP" (2003) - split with El Nada, featuring unreleased, exclusive non-LP songs, with such songs as "Leave It at That" and "Something Weird". Features cover art by famed artist, Johnny Ace.
  • "We Will Bury You - EF Covers the World" (2004) - amazing double album collection of almost every cover song EF had ever recorded up until the time of this compilation.
  • "Super Kool " (2004) - collection of recent songs from singles and compilation songs, also some unreleased songs, and some new cover songs..
  • "Burn Bright, Burn Fast !" (2005) - all new full length album, features a grand return to our early albums in sound.

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