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"The only band that gets me off my ass to go see live is Electric Frankenstein."
-- James Hetfield, Metal Hammer magazine interview

Arranged here are various Electric Frankenstein songs that you can listen to in RealAudio or MP3.  RealAudio has less sound quality than MP3 but is faster to download.

You can hear free samples of EF songs from various places, including: Magnatune.com, Garageband.com, and here.

EF has recorded over 13 albums and EPs, just click on the one that You wish to hear sound samples of:

    * "The Time Is Now" (1995) - the record that started it all, Feaures such street hits as "Teenage Shutdown" and "Demolition Joyride".
    * "Conquers the World" (1996) - A collection of our first batch of singles, features such hit songs as "Get Off My Back", "Electrify Me", and more.
    * "Sick Songs" (1997) - features guest singer Scott Wilkins of Verbal Abuse fame, with fan favorite songs such as "Action High".
    * "Spare Parts" (1998) - a collection of singles and non-album tracks featuring Scott Wilkins on vocals. Cover art by famous poster artist Derek Hess.

    * "Rock & Roll Monster" (1998) - features guest singer, the late Rik L Rik of F-Word fame, with fan favorite songs such as "Blackout".
    * "Listen Up, Baby" (1999/2002) - the return of Steve Miller on vocals, features many fan favorites, such as "You're So Fake", "Rocket in My Veins", "Neurotic Pleasures", and others. Cover art by famous poster artist Frank Kozik.  New version includes many new songs.
    * "How to Make a Monster" (2000) - One of our best selling and most known albums, with hit songs such as "Speed Girl", "Up from the Streets", and many more. Features fantastic cover art by renowned poster artist Coop.
    * "The Buzz of a 1,000 Volts" (2001) - our heaviest album, produced by Ben Elliot, who worked with Nirvana, Henry Rollins, Keith Richards, Eric Clapton, and more.  Features great cover art by Dirty Donny and such great songs as "NY Knights", and more.

    * "It's Moving, It's Alive!" (1999) - Wild live album recorded at the famed Continental in NYC during its heyday. Last show with Scott Wolkins on vocals. Official bootleg.

    * "Live, Loud, and Angry!" (2000) - Roaring live album recorded at the famed Euclid Tavern in Cleveland, Ohio. UK import.

    * "Sod The Odds EP" (2001) - UK collection of singles, cover songs, compilation tracks, and exclusive songs, sponsored by Metal Hammer magazine.

    * "Don't Touch Me, I'm Electric (UK)/Annie's Grave (US)" (2002) -  collection of singles, compilation tracks, and exclusive songs.
    * "The WFMU Sessions: "I Was a Teenage Shutdown" (1999) and "How I Rose From the Dead" (2000) - Two live albums recorded on cult free form radio station, WFMU.

    * "The Dawn of Electric Frankenstein" (2002) - compilation featuring unreleased EF demo songs from 1992 and tracks by our past bands that we were in at the time of EF's formation, showing our musical roots. Cover art by "Batman Beyond" animation artist Cameron Stewart.

    * "EF/El Nada Split EP" (2003) - split with El Nada, featuring unreleased, exclusive non-LP songs, with such songs as "Leave It at That" and "Something Weird". Features cover art by famed artist, Johnny Ace.
    * "We Will Bury You - EF Covers the World" (2004) - amazing collection of almost every cover song EF had ever recorded up until the time of this compilation.

* "Super Kool " (2004) - compilation of various unreleased songs and overseas singles that are NOT featured on the newest EF album.

    * "Burn Bright, Burn Fast !" (2005) - all new full length album, features a grand return to our early albums in sound, with a twist of something new!
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"Everytime I start to worry about the state of rock'n'roll, something like this comes along and jacks me up again, KILLER!! This is it!! Electric Frankenstein will bury you. There's no stopping them!"
 - -Demolition Joyride fanzine

"Wild mix of the Dolls, the MC5, the Stooges, pre Rollins Black Flag and a whole lot of 60's garage rock hooks. These guys make it all seem so easy. The twin guitar sound is as big and thick as a wrestler's neck, and it's perfectly complemented by singer's WWF approved holler."
- SomeGreasyLimey,

"Electric Frankenstein strive for quality in their music as if it were a life or death situation. These guys are offering the music buying public a top notch performance. Their live show is nothing short of amazing"
-- Rocks Off Zine

A bunch of guys from New Jersey exhume the rotting corpse of rawk'n'roll and, ramming together bits and pieces of the best of 60's garage,
Detroit rock and 70's american and australian punk, create the best sounding creature the world has had the fortune to lay ears upon in the past ten years. Nobody does it better. New Bomb Turks, Murder City Devils, Spitfires,       Hellacopters, Oneida, Nomads, Zen Guerrilla, and the combined  rosters of
Estrus, Get-Hip, SubPop, Empty, Junk, Dyonisus, In The Red, Sympathy and Bomp! All have to stand aside and pay homage to the Kings of Rawk!!!
As shocking as anything the Stooges, the Saints and the Scientists ever did
- Greymouser,
Chiba City, USA

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